Cackling Kamala Harris

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

As a cackling Kamala Harris has revealed, she was, at least at one time, well acquainted with mary jane.

That’s simply a fact of the matter.

But the real question is not whether she once did enjoy an occasional toke –

But whether she still does – and why the Democrats put this remarkably shallow, confused, and discombobulated woman a mere heartbeat away from the Oval Office.

Kamala Harris’s behavior would be laughable, wouldn’t it?

Were it not so serious.

But, after all, she is the vice president of the United States…

Which means this woman who is totally incapable of putting two coherent thoughts together could at any moment be dictating national policy…

Ruling – and ruining – the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans...

And further deepening the disaster our beloved nation now endures.

Rest assured that should that happen, your Constitutional Rights PAC will be leading the fight, front and center, to rein her in –

Just as we now are with Toxic Joe Biden.

And as always, we are deeply grateful for your continued support!
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