Biden Takes a Powder on Defending Freedom

Imagine, if you will, that you are in a fight for your life.

Win, and you live.

Lose, and you die. 

And just as you are about to land a final, knockout blow against your murderous opponent, those you had depended upon to back you up -- or at least cheer you on – 

Suddenly demand that you drop your fists, stick out your chin, and allow your savage enemy to regain his strength, regroup, rearm, and come at you anew.

I have a feeling you know where I am going with this, don’t you?  

But, let me make it even clearer. 

Imagine if you will that it is March of 1945…

As depicted in the fascinating video below, Patton is about to cross the Rhine. It is a pivotal moment in World War II, when the Third Army is about to deliver a knockout blow against a murderous opponent. Hitler’s Third Reich is on the ropes.  

Patton is moving in for the final, knockout blow – and he send the message to Ike: “I have just pissed into the Rhine River. For God’s sake, send some gasoline!”


Now, suppose that instead of sending gasoline, Ike had demanded that Patton lay down his weapons, expose his troops to enemy fire, and allow the Nazi hordes to regain their strength, regroup, rearm, and attack the Allies anew. 

Okay, now let me bring it on home – and you don’t even have to “imagine if you will”…

Israel is on the verge of defeating once and for all the monstrous, depraved terrorist organization, Hamas -- the maniacal terrorist gang that for decades has launched murderous attacks upon innocent Israelis, that has vowed to wipe out the state of Israel, and kill every Jew “between the river and the sea”…  

And on October 7, launched such a depraved, terrorist invasion of the state of Israel that its acts of heinous savagery will live forever in the annals of ignominy. 

With the fall of Rafah, Israel will bring the war against terrorism to an end. It will knock out Hamas. And open the door to a peaceful resolution to a decades long conflict. 

And America – the once reliable ally it has long depended upon to back it up, or at least cheer it on – has turned tail and run. 

In essence, it has told the state of Israel to “drop your fists, stick out your chin, and allow your savage enemy to regain his strength, regroup, rearm, and come at you anew.”

In short, the toxic Biden Regime has carved out yet another shameful moment in American history that will forever live in infamy.

Below is my take on it. 

Pray for the peace – and victory – of Israel.

Because it is, indeed, in a fight for its life…

For the lives of all who value freedom and justice… 

And to abandon it now is beyond imagination.

Joe Biden by Matt Johnson is licensed under Creative Commons

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