Arrivederci Roma!

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

Have you read Jean Raspail’s Camp of the Saints yet?

If not, you probably should. 

It was written way back in 1973 as a prophetic novel about an illegal alien invasion taking over the world. 

But, nowadays, it reads more like the morning headlines (or, at least it would, of the leftwing mainstream media actually reported what these lawless miscreants are really up to). 

The illegal alien invasion, fully supported by the wealthy and political elite worldwide, is wreaking havoc on sovereign borders – and the besieged Middle Class within those decimated borders.

And, make no mistake about it…

It is all entirely intentional. 

The depraved (the wealthy and political elite) are preying upon the deprived (the illegal aliens invaders and the declining Middle Class whose income and opportunities are eroding by the day). 

Lest you have any doubt about that, I urge you to read Monica Showalter’s excellent “American Thinker” column

The European Union’s make-believe non-response to the illegal alien invasion of Italy closely mirror’s the Biden regime’s vacuous non-response to the miscreant’s invasion of America. 

In short, their message to the invaders is: “You keep coming – and we’ll keep conning. And, oh, here’s your taxpayer-fund payoff and your ‘Get Out of Jail Free” card. Enjoy!”

It’s a travesty.

And a tragedy.

Please know that your Constitutional Rights PAC is fighting it on every front.

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