Americans Must Ditch The Imperialist Mindset

America has a major imperialist mindset problem. Attempting to force one's way of living on others has caused tremendous turmoil, both around the world, and here at home. 

The two major parties have been consumed with imperialism for a very long time; at least 100 years. Republicans have a tendency to want to impose upon people in foreign nations, while Democrats tend to want to impose upon people in America. The dividing lines are by no means clear-cut though.  Many of the biggest warmongers in American history have been Democrats, and many of the biggest domestic oppressors have been Republicans. So there's plenty of overlap.

In any case, "Live and let live" is not on the agenda of either party, where "Live as I tell you to live" is.

Of course, imperialism always has to be dressed up. It must be wrapped in fluffy humanitarian terms. But the aggressive and forceful means that are used are anything but humanitarian. The results are predictably disastrous and the reason is due to a fundamental lack of understanding (or stubborn rejection) of human nature.

No one wants to be imposed upon. We are each free and sovereign individuals, endowed with the responsibility of making our own choices.

That's what makes life so special. Human beings are not homogeneous. Our ability to think, value, and choose whatever we want is the essence of being human!

When someone attempts to impose on that essence, the guard goes up!

When someone attempts to bully and force their ideas on us, resistance to the idea is automatic. It doesn't matter what the idea is. Force breeds resistance. It's cause and effect.

However, when someone attempts to persuade us with their ideas peacefully, and leaves the decision up to us, we contemplate and evaluate the idea. We may even choose to adopt it. But we must adopt it by our own volition.

That's how real and lasting change and improvement occurs -- voluntarily! 

That's the natural order of things. We didn't create that order, nor will anyone re-create a new order. Real and lasting change happens by voluntary choice.

This is why the ideas of Liberty are rooted-in and rest on a foundation of non-aggression. 

Every true champion of Liberty, where the flame burns in them like an enferno, understands that Liberty cannot and will not be imposed on others by force.

Champions of Liberty merely share the ideas in a peaceful manner, and then let go. It's up to the listener to decide what to do with it.

Try to impose Liberty by force, and the imposed up will end up hating you and rebelling against you.

Try to impose any idea by force, and the results will be exactly the same...hatred and rebellion.

The United States government, with its two imperialist parties, have created incredible amounts of hatred around the world, as well as here at home.

The causes are the same. The effects are the same.

Force breeds resistance.

It's time to ditch the imperialist mindset.

It's done nothing but cause misery and trouble.
America by Sandra Grünewald is licensed under Unsplash License

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