Abortion Extremists Target Pro-Life House Democrats

On March 17, voters in Illinois’ third district will vote on the Democratic candidate for a solidly blue chunk of the Chicago suburbs. Rep. Dan Lipinski, the incumbent, is facing a well-funded primary challenge.

Lipinski has undisputed Democratic credentials. His opponent is a politically untested former “businesswoman” whose prior work includes partnering with a convicted felon. In spite of all this, six presidential candidates, including Sen. Bernie Sanders, have explicitly intervened to stop his re-election.

Lipinski is no conservative. He opposed President Trump’s attempts to remove insurance coverage from those with pre-existing conditions. He co-sponsored and voted for the DREAM Act. He is a long-time leader in the fight against climate change and has supported more and better public transportation in the Chicago region. He has co-sponsored legislation to raise the minimum wage to $15 and helped lead the fight against the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

His record shows in the endorsements he’s drawn, from more than 30 unions and more than 50 female elected officials in his district who note his involvement in the fight for equal pay for women. In any other context, Lipinski would be enthusiastically embraced by all of his Democratic peers. But he’s not.
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