ABC News executives still trying to out Epstein 'whistleblower'

An insider at ABC told the New York Post on Tuesday that the company is looking through employees' emails and interrogating staff to figure out who leaked the video. Those investigating the leak report all the way back to ABC News' parent company, according to the source.

The investigation comes after CBS fired Ashley Bianco for making the clip. Bianco claims she did not leak the clip herself, and a person purporting to be the leaker penned a letter under the name "Ignotus," stating that they were the one who leaked the video and not Bianco.

"They are freaking out over the Harry Potter reference. Does this mean the leaker is a Potter fan, likely one of the younger staff members who work the overnight shift? Or is the leaker citing Latin, which means he or she could be an older member of staff? I mean, how many young producers speak Latin these days?" the ABC insider said about the leaker's pen name.

The video leaked from ABC News shows Robach talking about how she "had it all" in regards to the Epstein story. "I've had the story for three years. I've had this interview with Virginia Roberts [Giuffre]. We would not put it on the air," she said.
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