Illegal immigrants from 52 countries crossed US-Mexico border this year
The U.S. Border Patrol chief testified Thursday that migrants from 52 countries have illegally crossed the border this year as she described an agency “overwhelmed on a daily basis” by the escalating crisis Read More.
Trump says Iran 'made a big mistake' after drone shot down
President Trump declared Thursday that Iran “made a very big mistake” after the country shot down a U.S. drone, but suggested he may be restrained in any response Read More.
If Media Don’t Want To Be Called Propagandists, They Need To Stop Publishing Chinese and Russian Propaganda
The American media’s Trump-Russia hysteria of the last few years gains some real perspective when you consider that they are more than willing to take blood money to distribute publications that whitewash authoritarian crimes Read More.
Conservative Group Explains Why, Despite Disliking Trump, They Are Working to Re-elect Him
The Reagan Battallion is a conservative group that was once a proud participant of the "Never Trump" movement, taking issue with his agenda and his behavior Read More.
Joe Biden aborts his moderate image
Abortion has a way of muscling to the forefront of campaign season and so is poised, again, to shape the fairway of the 2020 presidential elections. This makes Joe Biden’s caving to the choicer’s demands for his reversal on the Hyde Amendment somewhat more than trivial Read More.
Trump: ICE Will Begin Process of Removing Millions of Illegal Aliens in U.S. Next Week
President Trump made a rather stunning announcement on Twitter Monday night regarding the fate of the millions of migrants who are currently residing in the United States illegally Read More.
Democrats Could Rebuild the ‘Blue Wall’ in 2020, and Still Lose
President Trump’s 2016 election victory was secured, in large part, due to his ability to shatter the Democrats’ ‘Blue Wall across Midwestern states -- namely Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania Read More.
Yes, Trump Can Win Again
Polls that were wrong in 2016 are repeating their mistake Read More.
Joe Biden stands for nothing except Joe Biden
Former Vice President Joe Biden stands for everything – and yet nothing. His all-consuming ambition is to become president of the United States and he has shown that he will take any position necessary to reach that goal Read More.
Trump's Threats Against Mexico Are Working...Round Two
Two weeks ago President Trump threatened to slap sanctions on Mexico if the government continued their failure to stop hundreds-of-thousands of illegal migrants from moving north to the United States Read More.
With new Pentagon chief Mark Esper, Pompeo gains an ally in West Point classmate
In selecting Army Secretary Mark Esper to succeed Patrick Shanahan as acting secretary of defense, President Trump has picked a combat veteran whose views are more likely to align with those of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and serve as a bulwark against the more hawkish national security adviser John Bolton Read More.
The Move to Reclaim Privacy
Silicon Valley’s social-media giants have remade the world as their walled garden Read More.
Trump launches campaign machine with massive war chest, despite polling lag
When President Trump speaks in front of some 20,000 people Tuesday night at a jam-packed arena in Orlando, he’ll formally kick off his 2020 re-election campaign Read More.
Billionaire GOP donor and Trump supporter says he rejected Joe Biden’s request for fundraising help
Democratic front runner Joe Biden on Monday appealed to a billionaire Republican donor for fundraising help in his presidential campaign Read More.
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