Biden National Outdoor Mask Mandate Isn’t Just Unconstitutional, It’s Anti-Science
Earlier this month, 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and running mate Sen. Kamala Harris endorsed a three-month federal mask mandate that would require Americans even outdoors to strap on a face mask or risk prosecution. Read More.
More Experts Concede: Covid Lockdowns Were A Disaster
From mainstream publications like the Wall Street Journal to top government health advisors in the UK, a consensus is building that the sledgehammer of Covid lockdowns has been an unmitigated disaster. Read More.
RNC Night 1 Rejects Hollywood Host For Night Dominated By Everyday Americans
For many loyal corporate media consumers the convention provided the longest slice of counter-programming they'd been treated to in years. Read More.
Donald Trump: Biden-Harris Will “Obliterate the 2nd Amendment’
During comments early Monday afternoon, President Trump warned Republic National Convention delegates that Democrat candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will “obliterate the 2nd Amendment” if elected. Read More.
Pompeo’s Iran Failures Make War More Likely
The US foreign policy establishment has for decades been dominated by neoconservative interventionists and falsely-named “humanitarian” interventionists. These people believe that because the United States is the one “exceptional nation,” no conflict anywhere in the world could possibly be solved without our butting our noses into it. Read More.
St. Louis Couple Who Brandished Guns at Protesters Claim Dems ‘Want to Abolish The Suburbs Altogether’
Mark and Patricia McCloskey, residents of St. Louis, Mo., who brandished firearms at Black Lives Matter protesters who had trespassed in their gated community, warned that Democrats want to abolish suburbs in their speech to the Republican National Convention. Read More.
Conspiracy...Or Ignorance? Why World Leaders Are Covid Copycats
Why, with just a few exceptions, have all political leaders pursed virtually the same response to the coronavirus outbreak? Lockdown, "social-distancing," masks? Even the same empty slogans: "Alone together." Is it a worldwide conspiracy? Read More.
Twitter Censors Trump Tweet About ‘Voter Security Disaster’
Twitter hid another tweet from President Donald Trump behind a warning label earlier today, the latest in a string of censorship against the President that the platform has taken this year. Read More.
Politicians In Both Parties Need To Stop Laughing Away The U.S. Constitution
The founders created the Constitution to protect against one of humanity's worst instincts — the desire to get things done quickly and irrationally. Read More.
Supreme Court Could See at Least 4 Vacancies in 4 Years, Trump Says
President Donald Trump projects that he’s on track to win confirmation of more than 300 new conservative judges by the end of the year. Read More.
Six States Suing U.S. Postal Service over Changes
Six states and Washington, DC, are suing the United States Postal Service (USPS) over upcoming operational changes, contending that the coming reforms impede the ability of states “to conduct free and fair elections.” Read More.
Pasadena Threatens to Jail Pastor, Congregation Over Indoor Worship
Che Ahn, the pastor of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, California, may soon be preaching from jail. Read More.
Congressman Thomas Massie Rebukes The Counterfeiting Fed & Reckless Political Spending
Politicians are spending money (that they don’t have) like never before. Bailouts, “Stimulus,” and Welfare for everyone are the only game in town. Read More.
The Case For Lockdowns, Masks, School Closures, 'Distancing' Has Just Collapsed
The whole narrative is falling apart. New studies every day are proving beyond a doubt that the measures taken worldwide - with a few exceptions - to "fight" what they claimed was a "new" coronavirus have not only failed to slow or stop the disease, they have been counterproductive. Read More.

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