Merit-Based Immigration Reform Is Precisely What America Needs
It's time to acknowledge that the current family reunion system is broken. So a good question for Democrats is: Why would they reject changes to this system? Read More.
The Reckless Saudis Want to Start Another War
Bruce Riedel reports that the Saudi government is agitating for a U.S. attack on Iran, and the crown prince is the leading supporter of a new war: Read More.
Joe Biden's rumble in the jungle of empty rhetoric
Pity good ol’ Joe Biden. He’s eager at last to master the hounds, to impose order in the kennel. He wants to encourage the amiable golden retrievers, collies and cocker spaniels in his care, and he has to throw a little raw meat to the rabid pit bulls. How can he do that and escape with his life, too? Read More.
Trump is returning to a much better Pennsylvania than he saw in 2016
When Donald Trump won the 2016 election, after barnstorming across Pennsylvania like a man with a serious purpose, most people hoped for an economic recovery by the end of his first term Read More.
Biden: 'Not 1 Single Whisper of Scandal' During Obama's Presidency, Gets Torched
Joe Biden told Americans on live TV today that he is meant to be president. The former vice-president was very proud that he and Barack Obama had never experienced “one single whisper of scandal” when they occupied the White House. Well, immediately he got torched. You’ll love this. Read More.
Republican women hold key for both parties' 2020 election aspirations
Diane Smith was a lifelong Republican, comfortably toeing the party line through Ronald Reagan, both Bush presidencies and supporting John McCain and Mitt Romney when they sought the nation’s top job Read More.
China and how we got it wrong
To put it bluntly, our strategies for dealing with China are failing, because they are not based on reality Read More.
Roe v. Wade gave women a right to choose abortion. But doctors like me have a choice, too.
As a doctor, I'm not there to carry out the will of either the state or the individual, but to do what I see as in keeping with my medical role Read More.
Democrats are running out of stunts to pull from impeachment playbook
Democratic leaders in Congress proved the perils of “jumping the shark” this month. The phrase comes from the 1977 episode of the television comedy “Happy Days” in which one of its leading characters, the “Fonz,” jumped over a shark in a water skiing stunt in swim trunks along with his signature leather jacket Read More.
Trump second-term agenda begins to emerge
The contours of a second-term agenda for President Trump are coming into view, 18 months before the 2020 election Read More.
Trump Delays Auto Tariffs for 180 Days
The Trump administration has announced that it will delay new tariffs on cars and auto parts for up to six months to allow more time to reach trade deals with the European Union and Japan Read More.
Ocasio-Cortez Puts the Postal Service on the Path to Ruin
She wants to fight payday lenders by getting USPS deeper involved in banking. Here's why that's a bad idea Read More.
Trump Shuts China’s ‘Backdoor’ to Cyber Spying
President Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order in a prescient move to defend America’s national security against Chinese cyber espionage Read More.
Abortion Advocates Are Losing. Don’t Give Them A Lifeline
Alabama's law protecting the unborn might be philosophically defensible, but it's politically counterproductive Read More.
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