Elizabeth Warren is Wrong About Student Loan Debt
We do need action to address the problem. But government can't fix a mess it played a large role in creating Read More.
Why the Left Mocks the Bible
At PragerU, we have released about 400 videos on virtually every subject outside of the natural sciences and math Read More.
The First Rule of Social-Media Censorship Is That There Are No Rules
Twitter, Facebook, et al. need transparent, viewpoint-neutral, First Amendment-based content policies Read More.
White House orders McGahn to defy House subpoena
The White House has ordered former White House counsel Don McGahn not to turn over documents to Congress because President Trump may exert executive privilege to block their release Read More.
Will the Good Economy Be Enough to Carry Trump to Reelection?
The conventional wisdom treats presidential elections partly as referenda on the economy. If things are going well, the incumbents usually win. It remains to be seen if this takes Trump across the finish line a second time Read More.
Why Is the GOP Slacking on Oppo Research?
Democrats meanwhile are redoubling their efforts, even if against themselves Read More.
Trump campaign accuses Pelosi of ‘warrantless fear mongering’ with 2020 election warning
President Trump’s re-election campaign on Tuesday accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of “fear mongering” by suggesting Trump could try to remain in office if he loses in 2020 Read More.
Why Biden won’t get the Dem nomination
Yes, he’s really, really old, thus removing the opportunity to attack President Trump on the basis of his age Read More.
Trump's 'Blue Collar Boom' continues
The Great Realignment in American politics, working people and their families leaving the Democrats for Republicans, got another boost with the announcement that GDP in the first quarter of 2019 grew by 3.2 percent Read More.
Beware social media’s push for ‘healthier dialogue’
The world’s two major social media platforms grow more Orwellian by the day Read More.
Trump absolutely right to slap new tariffs on China
President Trump Opens a New Window. on Sunday announced additional incoming tariffs Opens a New Window. on China, reminding Beijing Opens a New Window. that its days of negotiating with weak counterparts are over, at least as far as it concerns the United States Read More.
‘Heartbeat Bills’ Are Wholesome Provocations in the Abortion Debate
One of their aims is to provoke thinking about the moral dimension of extinguishing a being with a visibly beating heart Read More.
'The war at home' focuses on opioid addiction
In my new novel “Collusion,” which I co-wrote with Pete Earley, our main character is Brett Garrett, a Navy SEAL who is injured in a helicopter crash Read More.
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