Why Biden won’t get the Dem nomination

Yes, he’s really, really old, thus removing the opportunity to attack President Trump on the basis of his age.

And yes, he says really stupid stuff -- and they are usually incorrectly called “gaffes,” which Michael Kinsley correctly defined as a politician accidentally telling the truth. Biden’s mouth just runs faster than his brain (not much of a feat) and he utters nonsense. Often, mean-spirited nonsense  like “They’ll put y’all back in chains.”

But the real reason why Biden won’t get the nomination is that he and his family are corrupt, enriching themselves courtesy of foreign governments. Normally, that would not be a problem for a Democrat because the dominant mainstream media is not interested in scandals affecting powerful Democrats. But with 22 Democrats running for president, some of them with MSM allies, and with grave doubts about Biden’s ability to defeat Trump (their overriding goal), these scandals will not be suppressed. Especially because they involve collusion with a foreign power.

Vanity Fair and the New York Times, which are nobody’s idea of right wing publications, are onto the story of Biden helping his son make a huge fortune via deals with China. Breitbart summarizes:

A $1.5 billion sweetheart deal Hunter Biden’s private equity firm secured from the state-owned Bank of China is “looming on the horizon” as a potential line of attack against his father’s 2020 presidential campaign, according to Vanity Fair’s Tina Nguyen.
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