Trump’s best move forward: Ignore the Dems, focus on policy

As President Trump searches for the right responses to the Mueller report, he would be wise to follow the idea that “revenge is a dish best served cold.”

Trump’s temptation will be to nurse grudges and settle scores immediately. A self-made man who became president his way, he will want to unleash his greatest ever punchback against those who put him through two years of hell.

Who can blame him? No modern president has endured such fanatical hatred from his opponents, a group that extends far beyond the opposition party to include the gullible people who still believe everything they read in the New York Times and see on CNN.

It has to be extra aggravating that much of the contents and language of the report confirms Trump’s claim that his inquisitors were a cabal of “angry Democrats.” The circular quality of the report is astonishing: Anonymous leaks, many clearly from the FBI and intelligence agencies, are the basis of stories in the Times and the Washington Post, which are then cited by Mueller as authoritative reports either deserving of investigation or proving a point.

Check out the footnotes to see what Mueller’s team was reading and you’ll understand why the report feels as if it was written by the White House Correspondents’ Association.
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