The Empire of Lies

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

This article is as near to a “Must Read” as I have ever sent to you.

Even for those who fully support Biden and Zelensky in the war in the Ukraine, Col. Douglas Macgregor is a man who is more than well worth listening to…

He is a man of wisdom and integrity whose views – on the tragedy of the war… the horrendous foreign policy catastrophes Joe Biden is engineering… and the current state of American society – are as important as they are incisive. 

The Colonel was a top defense strategist for President Donald Trump.

And the fact that he is totally shunned by the current regime is not just unfortunate –

It is chilling. 

I urge you to please read this article and watch the video embedded there.

And then share it with your friends and family who rely upon Constitutional Rights PAC Patriots like you to help guide them through what Col. Macgregor rightly calls the “Empire of Lies.”

Whether you agree with me in whole or in part  – or are 100% on the other side of the issues we at Constitutional Rights PAC are addressing – please let me hear from you at my email address: I respect your opinion and look forward to getting to know you!

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