Rules For Thee But Not For Me: A Rundown Of Lockdown Leftists Ignoring Their Own Rules

Your Political Leaders Hate You And Think You’re Stupid,” headlined an article by Federalist Political Editor John Davidson this week highlighting the hypocrisy plaguing this year’s liberal lockdowns. That about sums it up.

For months left-wing liberals have finedshamed, and arrested, all who dared reject their tyrannical orders closing churches and schools in the name of public health over a virus with a 99.98 percent survival rate while defying their own edicts. Many, including liberal beltway reporters masquerading as journalists, even excused or participated in massive social justice protests after condemning Trump rallies as homicidal super-spreader events poised to erase any and all progress on viral mitigation.

“Two weeks to slow the spread” turned into “wait until there’s a vaccine,” which could have been a lifetime. Now American liberties have been forfeited to power-hungry elites reluctant to give it back.

In November, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito made rare public remarks calling pandemic restrictions “previously unimaginable” suspensions of constitutional liberty.

Pelosi Visits Indoor Salon by NBC Bay Area is licensed under YouTube

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