Liberal Media Predictably Downplays or Ignores Threat to Justice Kavanaugh

We all know that the majority of our media is biased, but sometimes it’s hard to believe the lengths they will go to amplify or ignore a story.

The threat to the life of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was all too real, but some outlets ignored it, downplayed it, or memory-holed it as quickly as possible.

Josh Blackman of the Volokh Conspiracy at Reason highlights the New York Times coverage:

If you log onto now, and check above the fold, you will see a lovely story about the Jurassic Park cast and Kelly Clarkson’s performance. If you scroll down, down, down, down, down, you will find a story about the attempted assassination of a Justice. By my count, the Kavanaugh assassination attempt is perhaps the sixteenth most important news item of the day! Oh, and according to the Washington Post, Kavanaugh and his family were home last night.
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