Left Shows Its True Colors as Pro-Abortionists Spit on and Curse Pro-Life Group

The left should become more conspicuous in embracing abortion, they say. #ShoutYourAbortion, a social media campaign in which women are encouraged to proclaim the meliorative aspects of terminating a pregnancy. If you want to get less hashtaggy, there’s been an effort to redefine the procedure as simply another form of health care.

Even in these newly emergent corners of the left, however, you don’t usually hear the words “I eat baby lungs for breakfast” employed as a rhetorical device. For this, according to a pro-life group, we can thank (perhaps not the right word) an unruly group of pro-abortion demonstrators who confronted pro-life activists on the campus of George Washington University in Washington D.C. late last month.

According to The College Fix, TFP Student Action — an activist group that supports “tradition, family and property” — was demonstrating on the campus with a sign reading “Pray & Act to End the Sin of Abortion.” The group, which consisted of six individuals, would also engage others in debate.

Amid the raucous confrontation, one male protester even told the pro-life demonstrators, “I eat baby lungs for breakfast,” a TFP member told The College Fix.
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