Fourth of July Proclamation

America’s Declaration of Independence –

from Joseph Robinette Biden

Happy Birthday, America. 

Happy Birthday – and whether or not you have “many happy returns” depends entirely on what you do on November 5, 2024.

Joseph Robinette Biden has been the greatest catastrophe visited upon the United States of America in the entire history of this once great country. 

If Toxic Joe Biden – or anyone even remotely like him – is ensconced in the Oval Office on November 5, all that America was… all that the Founding Fathers intended it to be… all that proud patriots down through the centuries worked, hoped, and prayed for it to be … will be swept away in the sordid debris of a perverted history. 

That is what is at stake as we gather to celebrate this Fourth of July, in the year of our Lord 2024.

And that is why, just as our forebearers boldly and bravely declared their independence from an oppressive tyrant sitting arrogantly upon a gilded throne 3,500 miles away on this historic day 248 years ago, so all Americans of sound mind and sacred heart must declare their independence from the equally arrogant and oppressive Joseph Robinette Biden sequestered in the Oval Office today.

Despite the real and present danger confronting any and all who dare defy this despicable tyrant today, every American of good conscience and dauntless heart must sign his or her name in bold strokes upon the darkening clouds of our nation’s gathering storm. And each of us must shout aloud to the “grisly gang who work his wicked will” in the halls of Congress and the corridors of the lapdog media:

“Learn my name and log it in high atop your enemies list of ‘MAGA extremists’…

“Because on this July 4, 2024, we are declaring our independence from your vile corruption of our most precious traditions, from your perverse desecration of our most sacred values…

“And from the decrepit, demented, destructive, and despicable tyrant you have placed in our Oval Office to deliberately destroy the land we love.” 

On this Fourth of July, 2024, that is the Declaration of Independence from Joseph Robinette Biden that must be on the lips of every good and true patriotic America if the land we love is even to survive. 

Each of us now must boldly join anew in “tramping out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored.” 

Each of us now must bravely join in “sounding forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat.”

Each of us now must fearlessly commit “our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor” to “loosing the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword.”

In sum and in short, if the land we love is to have a “Happy Birthday with many happy returns,” now more than ever is the time to affix your John Hancock to the Declaration of Independence from Joseph Robinette Biden, on this Fourth Day of July, 2024…

And then, each of us must make absolutely certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that neither he nor anyone even remotely resembling him or echoing his evil intent even come near approaching the Oval Office on November 5, 2024 – or forever thereafter. 

Happy Independence Day!

(And let’s fervently hope King Joseph is able to read this – or at least have one of his aides read it to him!)

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