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Clinton’s Foreign Policy Still Wreaking Havoc In Libya Years Later

As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton’s support tipped the scales that led to the Obama administration’s Libyan intervention Read more:

Curt Schilling: ESPN biased against political conservatives

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher and ESPN baseball analyst Curt Schilling hurled some high, hard ones at his former employer and some of his colleagues Wednesday in an appearance at “Breitbart News Patriot Forum” on Sirius XM

Russian Warplane Flies Within 50 Feet of U.S. Spy Plane in Asia

A Russian MiG-31 jet flew within 50 feet of a U.S. surveillance aircraft in Northeast Asia last week

Ted Cruz ups the ante with Fiorina as running mate

Picking up the pieces from Tuesday night’s stunning losses will not be easy for Ted Cruz.

Top Endorsement? John Boehner hates Ted Cruz

The former House speaker also says that he would vote for Trump, and called the two of them 'texting buddies.'

Judge Napolitano: FBI Director Resigns if Hillary Not Indicted

Judge Andrew Napolitano went into detail explaining how the Hillary Clinton private server email scandal is likely to play out as the FBI brings its espionage investigation to a close

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How can gunman end the lives of four trained Marines? How can anyone go on a murderous rampage and know with certainty that they will be able to inflict maximum damage? Why do we leave our citizens, moviegoers, mall shoppers and military base residents unarmed, defenseless and unprotected?

Because liberal “Do Gooders” live in a fantasy land where they believe disarming people and mandating “Gun Free Zones” prevents violence and evil aggression.

The lawless, by definition, do not obey laws… thus, “Gun Free” policies only prohibit the law-abiding from self defense.

It’s time we declare a National State of Emergency and End Gun Free Zones before more innocent, defenseless lives are taken — It’s time to legalize defense!

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