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Susan Rice: No amnesty for Edward Snowden
Mon, Dec 23, 2013
National Security Adviser Susan Rice dismissed any possibility that former NSA contractor Edward Snowden would be granted amnesty, saying he doesn’t “deserve” it.  Read More...
Judge: DHS Complicit in Human Trafficking that Helps Fund Drug Cartels
Fri, Dec 20, 2013
A United States federal judge has accused President Barack Obama’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) of being complicit in helping Mexican drug cartels and felons inside America smuggle illegal aliens into the country. Read More...
Cop In Trouble For Alleged Racist Obama Rant On Facebook
Wed, Dec 18, 2013
PLEASANTVILLE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — The Westchester County village of Pleasantville has placed a police officer on administrative leave, after he was allegedly caught making a racist rant — reportedly about President Barack Obama — on Facebook. Read More...
IG: At Least 7,868 Complaints of DHS 'Employee Criminal Misconduct' in FY 2013
Mon, Dec 16, 2013
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) received at least 7,868 complaints of DHS “employee criminal misconduct” in the first half of fiscal year 2013 alone. Read More...
Constitutional Rights PAC Endorses Stockman for US Senate
Thu, Dec 12, 2013
Constitutional Rights Political Action Committee, a D.C.-based group that focuses on individual rights such as those embodied in the Second Amendment and ending the Department of Homeland Security, enthusiastically endorsed U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman against Sen. John Cornyn in the 2014 Republican primary in Texas. Read More...
CARSON: Why did the founders give us the Second Amendment?
Wed, Dec 11, 2013
When I was in high school, I joined the ROTC initially because I was attracted to the uniforms. I figured they would provide an opportunity to escape the constant berating by fellow students owing to my outdated clothing. I was fascinated with the guns and became an excellent marksman, winning several marksmanship awards. Read More...
President Obama’s top 10 constitutional violations
Wed, Dec 11, 2013
One of the biggest political changes that 2011 brought — in large part due to the tea parties and their effect on the 2010 election — is the centrality of the Constitution to our public discourse. Lawmakers and citizens no longer consider simply whether a given bill or policy proposal is a good idea but whether it is constitutional. “Where does the government get the power to do that?” is often critics’ rallying cry. Read More...
NYPD Beat Family and Killed Pet Parakeet in Own Home, Lawsuit Says
Tue, Dec 10, 2013
According to court documents, police entered Lugo's home on Sept. 2, 2012, as her family was celebrating Labor Day. Police stopped and questioned her son Edwin Avellanet as he was outside throwing out garbage and asked for identification, the lawsuit says. When he refused to show any, officers allegedly grabbed his right arm and Avellanet broke free and ran into the building... When inside, police allegedly struck Avellanet two or three times with a hard object, struck their friend in the face and threw a woman into the dresser with the bird cage on it, court documents say. Read More...
Tea-party favorite takes on GOP big name
Tue, Dec 10, 2013
One of Washington’s most reliably conservative lawmakers is breaking the news that he will challenge a mainstay of the Republican establishment – all because the incumbent GOP senator “undermined Sen. Ted Cruz’s fight to stop Obamacare.” Read More...
Ban on 'Guns Save Lives' bus-stop ad is back in court
Mon, Dec 09, 2013
PHOENIX — "Guns Save Lives." Those words, set against the backdrop of a red heart, are the headline of a controversial bus-stop advertisement at the center of a three-year legal battle between city officials and civil-liberties advocates. Read More...
Former public defender files suit against county
Fri, Dec 06, 2013
A former Delaware County public defender has filed a civil rights suit against the county in federal court, claiming he was wrongly terminated from his position for failing to encourage defendants to take plea bargains.  Read More...
Gun Confiscation Underway in New York
Fri, Dec 06, 2013
Nobody is coming for your guns, they said. Nobody is taking away your rights, they said. This is all about public safety, they said. Nearly a year ago, the New York legislature passed the toughest gun control law in the country known as the S.A.F.E. Act. It was rushed through in the middle of the night and as soon as it landed on Governor Cuomo's desk, he signed it without asking questions. Read More...
Second Amendment Foundation Launches ‘Guns Save Lives Day’ National Advertising Effort
Fri, Dec 06, 2013
BELLEVUE, WA --( The Second Amendment Foundation is launching a nationwide television advertising effort, calling attention to “Guns Save Lives Day” on Dec. 15 2013, in conjunction with Bill of Rights Day.  Read More...
Raising a glass to the 21st Amendment
Thu, Dec 05, 2013
Today is the day in 1933 when the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified, with 36 states (a three-fourths majority of the 48 states existing then) approving it. With that move, the 18th Amendment was repealed, ending 13 years of Prohibition and granting each state the primary authority to enact and enforce alcohol laws. Read More...
Don’t forget about the 100,000 veterans that lost their 2nd Amendment rights
Thu, Dec 05, 2013
Under Obama’s administration, there’s been a serious downsizing of our military. I’ve got my own thoughts on that, but I’ll save them for another time. Reality is, we’ve got a large number of people getting out of the military with a ton of combat and military experience; men and women being thrown back into civilian life. There have been several incidents already involving these vets and their rights being taken away from them.  Read More...
2nd Amendment not just for guns
Wed, Dec 04, 2013
“Indeed, many laws regulating knives cannot even survive rational basis scrutiny. As we have previously observed, knives are among the arms that Americans have a right to bear, and their lower lethality relative to handguns means that there is not even a rational basis for laws that regulate carrying knives more restrictively than carrying handguns,” they write.  Read More...
Supreme Court Accepts Five New Cases, Will Hear Fourth Amendment Issues
Tue, Dec 03, 2013
The Wisconsin Supreme Court recently added five cases to its docket, including two cases involving Fourth Amendment issues. The other three deal with disclosing criminal informants, property damage, and trucker’s insurance issues. Read More...
Guess What Holiday OFA Is Celebrating This December?
Tue, Dec 03, 2013
Just when you think Team Obama’s “everything is an occasion for list-building, fundraising and community organizing” attitude can sink no further, you come across something like this, from Organizing For Action, Obama’s tax-exempt political organizing arm that, among other things, runs his Twitter account. Yes, OFA is inviting its members to sign up to hold an organizing event to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the Newtown school shootings. OFA’s email to its mailing list lays it out: Read More...
Icelanders Overthrow Government and Rewrite Constitution After Banking Fraud-No Word From US Media
Tue, Dec 03, 2013
Can you imagine participating in a protest outside the White House and forcing the entire U.S. government to resign? Can you imagine a group of randomly chosen private citizens rewriting the U.S. constitution to include measures banning corporate fraud? It seems incomprehensible in the U.S., but Icelanders did just that. Icelanders forced their entire government to resign after a banking fraud scandal, overthrowing the ruling party and creating a citizen’s group...  Read More...
ACLU attorney speaks on NSA: 'The Fourth Amendment in the Era of Mass Dataveillance'
Tue, Dec 03, 2013
But modern technologies have made it simpler for law enforcement to track citizens’ movements and communications, Crump explained, posing a threat to citizens’ privacy. Because this change has been so sudden, the ACLU began working in 2012 to inform citizens that this surveillance exists. The ACLU filed nearly 400 Public Records Act requests with local police departments across the U.S. that year to request information about their government’s policies on warrantless cell phone tracking. Read More...

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