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George Takei Calls For 'American Spring' Against Trump Admin.

It’s said that violence isn’t the answer. Try telling that to a radical liberal who knows no other means of accomplishing anything besides confrontational, and sometimes violent, protest.

Is Secession a Solution to Cultural War?

As the culture war is about irreconcilable beliefs about God and man, right and wrong, good and evil, and is at root a religious war, it will be with us so long as men are free to act on their beliefs.

Mexico says no to Trump's new deportation rules

Mexico's Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray said on Wednesday that the country "will not accept new unilateral" U.S. immigration policies

Keith Ellison Calls For Impeachment Investigations Of Trump

Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, a top candidate to take over as chair of the Democratic National Committee, called Wednesday for an impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump

Trump: New immigration crackdown is a ‘military operation’

President Trump praised the Department of Homeland Security’s new efforts to arrest and deport more illegal immigrants Thursday, calling it “a military operation” that is getting “really bad dudes” out of the U.S.

Donald Trump returns in triumph to CPAC – with Breitbart as supporting cast

Six years after he was loudly booed there, Trump will take the main stage as the Republican president with some new allies at the conservative confab

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End Gun Free Zones!

How can gunman end the lives of four trained Marines? How can anyone go on a murderous rampage and know with certainty that they will be able to inflict maximum damage? Why do we leave our citizens, moviegoers, mall shoppers and military base residents unarmed, defenseless and unprotected?

Because liberal “Do Gooders” live in a fantasy land where they believe disarming people and mandating “Gun Free Zones” prevents violence and evil aggression.

The lawless, by definition, do not obey laws… thus, “Gun Free” policies only prohibit the law-abiding from self defense.

It’s time we declare a National State of Emergency and End Gun Free Zones before more innocent, defenseless lives are taken — It’s time to legalize defense!

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