Constitutional Rights PAC today announced that it has launched a nationwide “ParentGate” campaign to demand that Congress impeach Education Secretary Miguel Cardona and Attorney General Merrick Garland for conspiring with the National School Boards Association to deny the parents of their First Amendment right to freedom of speech.
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January 19, 2022

Constitutional Rights PAC Launches Nationwide “ParentGate” Campaign to Impeach Garland, Cardona for “Conspiring to Deny 18 Million American Parents of Their First Amendment Rights”
“Mr. Garland and Mr. Cardona are clearly guilty of conspiring with the National School Board Association to deny parents nationwide of the First Amendment rights to freedom of speech. And then lying about it after the fact. The one million members of the Constitutional Rights PAC will not rest until both Cardona and Garland are duly impeached and removed from office.”
– Chairman Larry Ward

WASHINGTON, DC – Constitutional Rights PAC today announced that it has launched a nationwide “ParentGate” Coalition to demand that Congress impeach Education Secretary Miguel Cardona and Attorney General Merrick Garland for conspiring with the National School Boards Association to deny the parents of their First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

“There has never in the history of our country been such a blatant attempt by cabinet-level members of an administration to target innocent Americans, label them as ‘domestic terrorists,’ persecute and prosecute them, and deprive them of their constitutional rights as we have seen in the malevolently orchestrated Garland-Cardona-NSBA ParentGate conspiracy,” said Defeat Communism Chairman David Dudenhoefer, Founding Member of the ParentGate Coalition.

Ward said that Constitutional Rights PAC has already begun reaching out to its more than one million members nationwide to begin bringing relentless pressure on members of the House and Senate to immediately initiate impeachment proceedings against both Biden cabinet members. And according to Ward, the response he is receiving indicates that organization’s “ParentGate” initiative it could very quickly become into one of the most explosive grassroots movements in recent history.    

On September 29, the NSBA sent a letter to President Biden, signed by both CEO Chip Slaven and President Viola Garcia accusing parents nationwide who objected to mask mandates and the imposition of Critical Race Theory of engaging in “a form of domestic terrorism.” The lengthy, hyperbolic six-page letter urged the Biden administration to “examine appropriate enforceable actions” against the dissenting parents, including prosecution under the Patriot Act.

Upon the release of the letter to the public, the Biden administration backed away from the growing controversy, leaving the clear impression that it had been generated entirely by the NSBA. Complicit Biden officials gave no indication that, in fact, they had actually solicited the letter and helped in the drafting of its explosive contents. It was not until emails obtained by the group Parents Defending Education, revealed the full complicity of the administration’s involvement that the entire story began to unfold.

According to the emails, NSBA secretary-treasurer Kristi Swett, in an October 6 email,  said that Slaven had previously told his fellow NSBA officials that “he was writing a letter to provide information to the White House, from a request by Secretary Cardona.” And in an October 12 email, NSBA President Garcia confirmed that she had been “actively engaged with the White House, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Education, Surgeon General, and several other agencies….”

According to the Washington Examiner, as part of that “active engage[ment], “Education Secretary Miguel Cardona personally requested the now-famous letter from the National School Boards Association calling parent activists domestic terrorists.” Confronted with the email evidence, Cardona, through his DOE spokesperson denied any complicity.

“That,” said Defeat Communism Chairman David Dudenhoefer, Founding Member of the ParentGate Coalition, “was a lie. First, Mr. Cardona committed what the Constitution defines as a “high crime” by conspiring with the NSBA to deprive parents of their First Amendment rights. And he then compounded it with second impeachable offense by committing the particularly pernicious “misdemeanor” of lying about his blatant complicity.”

According to the charges being leveled by Constitutional Rights PAC, the actions of Attorney General Merrick Garland constitute equally impeachable crimes. And, says Ward, may even be more “reprehensible and felonious because he used the powers of his office to sic the FBI on innocent parents nationwide.”

On October 4, just five days after the ostensibly spontaneous NSBA letter to the Biden White House, Garland issued a stern memo at the NSBA’s request directing the FBI and U.S. Attorneys nationwide to act upon the NSBA charges to take aggressive action against dissenting parents nationwide. Clearly evoking the specter of the Patriot Act, Garland specifically instructed the agents and attorneys to “launch a series of additional efforts in the coming days designed to address the rise of criminal conduct directed towards school personnel.”

Making certain that his prosecution of parents was all-encompassing, Garland’s forceful, signed single-page memo bore the all-caps subject line: “PARTNERSHIP AMONG FEDERAL, STATE, LOCAL, TRIBAL, AND TERRITORIAL LAW ENFORCEMENT TO ADDRESS THREATS AGAINST SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS, BOARD MEMBERS, TEACHERS, AND STAFF.
“Significantly,” said Constitutional Rights PAC Ward, “the Garland memo contained no specific charges, nor did it cite a single incidence of such ‘THREATS,’ or any ‘rise in criminal conduct.’ In short, it was entirely contrived to stifle the First Amendment rights of the parents of school-age children. And for that, Garland should be impeached and civilly prosecuted.”

According to Ward, Garland, like Cardona, subsequently “compounded his transgression by lying about what he had done.” In this case, Ward said, “the lying was far more clever and not as blatant, but was equally as egregious, despite its deceptive politispeak nuances.”

In testimony before Congress in mid-October, Garland repeatedly denied that he had any intent of prosecuting dissenting parents. While admitting that his stringent, all-inclusive memo had been solely triggered by the NSBA’s “domestic terrorism” accusations, Garland claimed that his directive to send federal agents into 14,000 school districts did not reflect any such concern because he himself had not used those exact terms.

Pressed by members of Congress about his own knowledge and the extent of his official research into the activities of protesting parents, Garland admitted that he had relied solely on information from the NSBA and a few “newspaper reports.” Asked specifically about the nationwide furor created by the molestation of a young schoolgirl in Loudon County by a transgender allowed into the girl’s restroom, Garland claimed he had no knowledge that such an event had even occurred.

Ward said that Garland’s “Sgt. Schultz routine” in testimony before Congress is reason enough to begin impeachment proceedings. “Loudon County is less than fifty miles from Garland’s home in Bethesda, Maryland. The assault on the young schoolgirl was front page news in every newspaper Garland claims he reads in order to gather evidence against those he selectively prosecutes. Lying to Congress is an impeachable ‘high crime.” For that alone, Garland should be removed from office.”

Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution provides that, “The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” The clause has been interpreted to include members of the president’s cabinet, and in 1876, Secretary of War William Belknap was impeached under the provision.

“Never in our country’s history have we witnessed such ‘spiritual wickedness in high places,” said Ward. “The one million members of the Constitutional Rights PAC are outraged at this unconstitutional assault upon the American people. Garland and Cardona must be impeached. And we intend to unleash hell”

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