Ryan Chamberlin

State Representative

Florida | Republican

Ryan Chamberlin

Constitutional Rights PAC endorses Ryan Chamberlin for Florida State Representative. 

Meet Ryan Chamberlin

(Copied from the Ryan Chamberlin Website)

Ryan Chamberlin is an Author, Speaker, and Consultant based in Marion County, Florida, but serving businesses and CEO’s nationwide.

For the past 25 years, Ryan has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, assisting them in growing their influence and profitability through focused strategies of leadership, improved productivity, and revolutionizing their marketing strategies and corporate cultures. In December 2020, he co-founded and became the CEO of the True Patriot Network (TPN), a conservative social media and news platform supporting strong American values.

Ryan has worked with Success Magazine, has keynoted hundreds of conferences, and is a TEDX speaker.

In 2010, Ryan authored his first book titled Now You Know, a book to help entrepreneurs build better teams through common sense principles that focus on growth. Since then, he has authored and co-authored 4 more. Ryan had the privilege of working with the late relationship expert Gary Smalley on a book titled The Rich You Formula, which was endorsed by former governor and Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. In May of 2020, Ryan’s latest co-authored book titled Think Big became an international best seller while hitting 25 #1 categories on Amazon.

Ryan’s focus on conservative spiritual and fiscal values and his ability to help organizations become unified and productive are just a few of the reasons Ryan is sought by many companies to help them improve.

Ryan has been married to Jenny Chamberlin for 28 years. They met at Souls Harbor First Pentecostal Church in 1989, which they still attend today. Ryan has actively played the piano at his church for more than 30 years, while Jenny has been active in the church choir for over 25 years.

Ryan and Jenny have home-schooled their 4 children (all boys) Ryan A (25), Rey (22), Royce (21), and Regan (18). Jenny is the founder of JentlyMade, a home care product company, home-schooled their 4 adult children for a total of 18 years, and is a recording artist, with one of her songs hitting the top of the Christian indie charts in 2007. 




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Ryan Chamberlin is an Author, Speaker, and Consultant based in Marion County, Florida, but serving businesses and CEO’s nationwide.

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