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Brandon Gill

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Meet Brandon Gill

(Copied from the Brandon Gill Website)

Since I was born - on a United States Air Force Base - I’ve had a deep and abiding love for this country and the principles it stands for. And it started with my family. My father was a fighter pilot who flew over 60 combat missions over Iraq in the Persian Gulf War. My grandfather was a Southern Baptist Preacher in the Dallas area. It’s in my veins.

I grew up on a thousand-acre cattle ranch outside of Abilene, Texas where we raised Angus beef cows. For as long as I can remember, I worked cows, built fences, drove tractors and backhoes, plowed fields, and slung hay bales. The work was difficult, but being part of a family business that involved long days and hard labor taught me that great things don’t come easy. It was the type of work too many in Washington look down upon, and the people I grew up with are the Americans too often forgotten by our elite class.I attended Dartmouth College and graduated cum laude with degrees in both Economics and History. I was President of the conservative paper, The Dartmouth Review. I was also President of Christian Union and grew it to be one of the largest student groups on campus, despite being on a campus hostile to the Christian faith. In college, I fought the left nonstop - on their turf - and I left Dartmouth even more conservative than when I arrived.

Upon graduation, I became an investment banker on Wall Street and then worked as an analyst at a global, multi-strategy hedge fund. 

For many people, I was living the American Dream. I was working in one of the largest, most successful hedge funds in the world, and rising fast in the industry.

Yet, the call for service and duty to my country came. I could not sit back as progressive politicians and their cheerleaders in the media worked hard to destroy all the things that make our country great. Biden and his Leftist allies have spent years inflicting disastrous economic policies on millions of working-class Americans, in communities like the one I grew up in. 

That’s why I left a successful career in finance. I soon launched DC Enquirer, a conservative, America First news outlet, which exploded in popularity almost overnight. Within mere weeks it was receiving more Facebook engagement than the Washington Post, despite being censored. I am honored that President Trump is an avid reader of DC Enquirer, and regularly shares its articles on his social media.

I also have the the privilege of working with my father-in-law, filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza. I was involved in making '2000 Mules,' which exposed the widespread fraud in the 2020 election, and I was a producer in his film Police State that was released in 2023.

I am happily married to my wife, Danielle. She has written two books, one about Christianity, and the other is a pro- life book that debunks the Left’s pro-abortion arguments. She served on the Advisory Board of Women for Trump and led the Texas Women for Trump bus tour. She has spoken at churches in Texas, at Turning Point USA conferences, and at rallies before the Supreme Court to confirm Amy Coney Barrett. She is a media personality who hosted her own show called Counterculture with Epoch Times, and has appeared on shows from Fox News to Newsmax to Dr Phil defending conservative values. She is an amazing mother who continues to fight for the littlest among us. 

I am also a father to our beautiful daughter, Marigold. 

I’m running in this election, so she and all our children can live in a better America.





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Brandon Gill a Husband, a father, and is a Texas Native who had a successful career in finance. He launched DC Enquirer, a conservative, "America First news outlet". He is running on so all our children can live in a better America.

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