On Tuesday, August 28, 2015, the Rancho California Water District Board Election resulted in two Wine Country farmers winning two of the three available seats.

Immigration is THE issue for 2016.

Congress faces a mounting list of important items it must tackle beginning in September, from a possible treaty with Iran to grappling with the nation’s borrowing limit.

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) is indefinitely postponing a slate of political fundraisers for Republican candidates this fall.

A black gunman shot a white reporter and a white cameraman, while the camera was rolling.

There’s an ill will blowing across the country.

Our Founders established the criteria of Natural Born Citizen upon our President for a very important reason.

Decked out in federally-provided body armor, automatic weapons and armored vehicles, America’s local police look more and more like soldiers heading off to war than cops patrolling neighborhood streets.

The sheriff and at least one of his deputies have verbalized opinions that “constitutionalists” are threats to the sheriff’s office, the federal government, and to the country itself.

Unexpected events reveal uncomfortable truths about human nature, as demonstrated by two nearly simultaneous events on opposite sides of the world last Friday.

A mewling gun control group is irate that a local grocery store chain is refusing to infringe upon the rights of citizens to bear arms for their defense, a policy that is fully in accordance with state laws.

Three gun rights groups, including the National Rifle Association, sued the city of Seattle on Monday over its adoption of a so-called “gun violence tax.”

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