IG's FISA Probe May Hamper Dems' Impeachment Plans
As Democrats mull how far to push the impeachment envelope against President Trump after Robert Mueller found no evidence of collusion with Russia in the 2016 election but punted on obstruction of justice charges, another investigation could further blunt their attempts to oust the president from office or damage his re-election chances Read More.
Democrats' Relentless, Fruitless Hunt for the Great Orange Whale
Democrats are trying to spin the Mueller Report as welcome news. Good luck with that. Legally, they’ve got no case left. Politically, they are making a serious mistake Read More.
Trump to Escalate Iran Feud by Ending Waivers; Oil Prices Climb
The Trump administration said it won’t renew waivers that let countries buy Iranian oil without facing U.S. sanctions, a move that roiled energy markets and risks upsetting major importers such as China and India Read More.
After Mueller report, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi acknowledges party divided on impeachment
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday weighed in on divisions in her caucus over starting impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, following special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 election Read More.
Trump’s best move forward: Ignore the Dems, focus on policy
As President Trump searches for the right responses to the Mueller report, he would be wise to follow the idea that “revenge is a dish best served cold.” Read More.
The Trouble With BernieCare
Last week, Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced a bill that would end health care as we know it, and Americans should thank him for letting us see where the Democrats want to take the country. Its central premise appears to be that Washington bureaucrats know better than patients and doctors Read More.
Leader of armed group stopping migrants at U.S.-Mexico border to face federal charges
The leader of an armed group that is stopping undocumented migrants crossing into the United States from Mexico is expected in court on Monday as federal prosecutors crack down on civilians attempting to enforce immigration policy Read More.
House Dems in talks with DOJ for Mueller testimony
House Judiciary Committee Democrats said Friday that they’ve engaged with the Justice Department about preliminary arrangements for special counsel Robert Mueller to testify next month Read More.
China vs. a liberal world order
For six decades after the defeat of Napoleon in 1815, Great Britain was able to underwrite a liberal world order based on freedom of navigation and free trade Read More.
Here are 5 reasons Trump will win re-election
It’s a good bet that President Trump will get himself re-elected to the White House in 2020. Here are five reasons why Read More.
Trump Laces Into Ex-Advisers Who Spoke With Mueller
President Donald Trump lashed out Friday at current and former aides who cooperated with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, insisting the deeply unflattering picture they painted of him and the White House was “total bullshit.” Read More.
Trump Administration Announces Measures Against Cuba, Venezuela And Nicaragua
The Trump administration has announced new sanctions and penalties against Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua aimed at both ending the rule of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and weakening Cuba's communist regime Read More.
HUD moves to crack down on undocumented immigrants in public housing
The Department of Housing and Urban Development is moving to bar undocumented immigrants from receiving housing aid, saying it is acting on behalf of the millions of American citizens and legal residents who are waiting for public housing Read More.
McConnell warns AOC, Schumer, Pelosi aim to ‘blow up’ Constitution to get their way
Three weeks after a dejected Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ripped the Senate Republican leader for orchestrating the death of her “Green New Deal,” Sen. Mitch McConnell has struck back, accusing the first term House member and top Democrats of waging an “economic culture war” against red America Read More.
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