Joe Biden's Immigration Hypocrisy
Biden lambasts Trump for using the harsh enforcement tools that Biden himself helped create Read More.
How the GOP Will Retake the House in 2020
Only 18 seats separate the “Do Nothing Party” from the wilderness Read More.
Customs and Border Protection boss out amid controversy over detention conditions
Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner John Sanders has resigned amid ongoing controversy over conditions at migrant detention facilities along the Mexican border Read More.
President Trump Warns Iran of Overwhelming Force From the U.S.
President Trump responded to Iranian leadership Tuesday morning after the Islamic regime claimed new sanctions placed on senior terrorists in the country, which were issued yesterday, amount to "mental retardation" from Washington D.C. Read More.
Joe Biden didn't just compromise with segregationists. He fought for their cause in schools, experts say
Joe Biden helped give America the language that is still used to oppose school integration today, legislative and education history experts say Read More.
GOP to launch new fundraising site as Dems crush the online money game
The long-delayed, much-anticipated 'WinRed' — the Republican Party's answer to ActBlue — is set to go live Monday Read More.
House and Senate seek to pass dueling border funding bills
Defense policy, election security and spending also on the agenda ahead of July Fourth Read More.
Supreme Court rejects early challenge to Trump steel tariffs
The Supreme Court is rejecting an early challenge to President Donald Trump's authority to impose tariffs on imported steel based on national security concerns Read More.
Trump imposes fresh sanctions on Iran after shoot-down of Navy drone
President Trump imposed new “hard-hitting” sanctions on Iran Monday, following Tehran’s shoot-down of a U.S. Navy surveillance drone in international airspace last week Read More.
If you're in the middle class, Joe Biden wants to raise your taxes
Presidential front-runner Joe Biden has made a startling promise if he's elected president: repeal the entirety of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 and to increase taxes by $500 billion on top of that Read More.
Trump delays operation to deport migrant families
President Trump announced he would delay for two weeks an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) operation that would have deported as many as 2,000 migrant families Read More.
Joe Biden Is Getting His Gun Control Agenda From James Bond
During a fundraiser on Monday evening, former Vice President Joe Biden reference James Bond and the use of "smart guns" as a means of achieving gun control in the United States Read More.
In New Bill, Sen. Josh Hawley Warns Big Tech: Stop Political Censorship Or Lose Your Precious Legal Immunity
Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) introduced legislation on Wednesday aimed at cracking down on “Big Tech’s political censorship.” Read More.

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