White House Asks for $4.5 Billion Border Aid; Democrats Balk
The supplemental request doesn’t seek wall money, but Democrats may push for immigration policy changes they called harsh Read More.
Schumer, Pelosi agree to pursue $2 trillion infrastructure deal with Trump
The Democratic congressional leaders' optimistic comments were a stark turn from their confrontational meetings with Trump over the winter Read More.
Trump sues Deutsche Bank and Capital One to block House subpoenas
U.S. President Donald Trump, three of his children and seven of his companies filed a federal lawsuit Monday against Deutsche Bank and Capital One Financial Corp to block the banks from complying with federal subpoenas investigating his financial dealings Read More.
China’s vast fleet is tipping the balance in the Pacific
The Chinese navy, which is growing faster than any other major fleet, now controls the seas off its coast. Once dominant, the United States and its allies sail warily in these waters. A former U.S. naval officer says China's advances have caught America napping Read More.
A former abortionist on what 'Unplanned' gets right about abortion
As a former abortionist, I had reservations about seeing the movie "Unplanned." What I experienced was a brilliantly executed, accurate portrayal of life within the abortion industry Read More.
Trump will win in 2020 with help from Pennsylvania
President Trump is going to win Pennsylvania and be reelected in 2020, although readers of The New York Times wouldn’t know it Read More.
UNSUNG HERO: Admiral Mike Rogers, Obama’s NSA Chief, Discovered Administration’s ‘702’ Illegal Spying Operation And Briefed Trump About Surveillance Of Trump Tower
​DiGenova spoke about an Obama administration official who actually had integrity, a man who noticed that something was amiss and acted. He discovered that American citizens were being spied upon. Read More.
An Unexpected Current That's Remaking American Politics
New forms of electricity storage are making the grid more renewable and more reliable—and may change the politics of climate change Read More.
Trump blasts Biden as he hits 2020 trail
President Trump on Monday lashed out at former Vice President Joe Biden, ahead of the Democratic candidate hitting the campaign trail for the first time since entering the 2020 presidential race Read More.
Dems call on Trump to approve 'big and bold' infrastructure plan
Democratic congressional leaders sent President Trump a laundry list of demands for an infrastructure deal Monday ahead of a White House meeting, calling for a “big and bold” spending bill that prioritizes clean energy and climate change Read More.
How Jim Mattis played Trump to restrain him on North Korea
During his time as defense secretary, Jim Mattis sought to deflect President Trump from what he thought were ill-advised decisions in North Korea or Afghanistan by limiting his options, according to the New Yorker. Read More.
Sander-nista? Archives show Bernie’s past praise of socialist revolutionaries
Bernie Sanders, a front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, has long billed himself as a democratic socialist, citing the peaceful governments of Denmark and Sweden as his inspirations Read More.
US economy proves it is robust and thriving, liberal 'sugar high' predictions are wrong again
This is no “sugar high” for the U.S. economy. To the great shock and disappointment of liberals who have been desperately hoping for an economic downturn, the U.S. economy once again blew away expectations, recording a 3.2 percent GDP growth rate in the first quarter of this year Read More.
Trump can make a great deal with Japan
President Trump’s vocal antipathy toward multilateral trade deals has overshadowed a seemingly contrary, and certainly praiseworthy, inclination of his administration: the pursuit of bilateral trade deals with crucial trading partners Read More.
North Korea's $2 million insult
North Korean’s Kim Jong-un is blaming Team Trump’s “bad faith” for the failure to make progress on nuclear talks, which is beyond despicable in light of the news that the dictator had the gall to send Washington a $2 million bill for the medical care of Otto Warmbier, the hostage the Kim crew killed Read More.
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