Vote No on 1984
Thought crimes, ministries of truth, and memory holes belong in Oceania, not America. Read More.
Win Or Lose, Trump Isn’t Going Away
Even if Trump loses, he'll remain the most popular Republican in the country—and the leading candidate for the 2024 GOP nomination. Read More.
Impending Election Day
The last full day before Election Day, in a chaotic, calamitous year. On the menu today: Downtown stores in America’s biggest cities are boarding up their windows in expectations of Election Night violence. Read More.
Article on Joe and Hunter Biden Censored By The Intercept
An attempt to assess the importance of the known evidence, and a critique of media lies to protect their favored candidate, could not be published at The Intercept. Read More.
DOJ Official Confirms FBI Investigating Hunter Biden for Money Laundering
A Department of Justice (DOJ) official confirmed Thursday that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) opened a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden and his associates in 2019. Read More.
Is Fed Counterfeiting An Economic Stimulus?
Politicians want the Fed to counterfeit more money. The Fed wants politicians to spend the counterfeit money even faster. All are trying to "stimulate" a broken economy that rests on a foundation of sand: central economic planning. Human civilization, society, and the economy cannot be controlled by Fed price-fixers, counterfeiters and bureaucrats. Freedom and sound money are the only things that can fix what they have broken. Read More.
How To Beat The Lockdowners
When city authorities in Waynesville, NC, announced that they were considering a city mask mandate they had not idea what was about to hit them. At the city council meeting at which the discussion was to take place, a massive show of citizen opposition and participation stole the show from the mandate promoters. Also today, why is flu disappearing in the US and elsewhere as Covid "cases" continue to rise? Read More.
Election Choice: Constitutional Norms vs. Changing the Rules
Biden and the Democrats threaten to pack the Supreme Court with activist judges, add two new states, and end the filibuster. Read More.
FBI warning played a role in Facebook downplaying NY Post report, Zuckerberg says
Facebook Inc Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said on Wednesday that a warning from the FBI on hack-and-leak operations before the Nov. 3 presidential election played a role in its decision to limit the reach of stories from the New York Post that made claims about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son. Read More.
Why Is The Media Ignoring The Explosive Biden Scandal(s)?
With the exception of a few in the mainstream media - such as Tucker Carlson - there has been a total blackout on what appear to be a credible and very damning tidal wave of information on corrupt Biden business deals. Last night Tucker Carlson interviewed one individual in the center of the scandals with first-hand information. So why won't the media do its job and look into the story - whether to confirm or debunk it? Read More.
45 missing children rescued, 179 arrested in Ohio human trafficking sting
A monthlong mission in Ohio recently turned up 45 missing children and led to 179 arrests, authorities said. Read More.
Tony Bobulinski joins Tucker Carlson to discuss his alleged dealings with Hunter and Joe Biden. Read More.
Bill Gates Slams 'Pseudo-Expert' Dr. Scott Atlas
Billionaire software developer Bill Gates is furious that President Trump is now listening to the moderate approach to Covid presented by Dr. Scott Atlas and is increasingly at odds with Anthony "mandatory mask" Fauci. In an interview yesterday Gates slammed the Stanford University professor and University of Chicago Medical School graduate as a "pseudo-expert." Is this actually good news? Also today, what is the contextual meaning of the 2.1 million Covid deaths? Read More.
HANDMAID’S FAIL: Liberal Cosplay Couldn’t Stop Amy Coney Barrett from Joining Supreme Court
Sworn in on one year anniversary of President Trump's successful assassination of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Read More.
'Iraq War Diaries' At Ten Years: Truth is Treason
The purpose of journalism is to uncover truth especially uncomfortable truth and to publish it for the benefit of society. In a free society, we must be informed of the criminal acts carried out by governments in the name of the people. Throughout history, journalists have uncovered the many ways governments lie, cheat, and steal and the great lengths they will go to keep the people from finding out. Read More.
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