Handicapping the Dems' 'Bonfire of the Mediocrities'
With the standard caveat "It's waaaay early" (is that enough a's?) here's my analysis of the Democrat horse race so far Read More.
Why Trump's brand of nationalism works
Donald Trump strutted on the European stage last week and, it seems to me, put in a boffo performance. He wore white tie and tails. He charmed Queen Elizabeth. He gave the heroes of Normandy what may be, sadly, their final curtain call Read More.
McConnell: As long as I'm Senate leader, Democrats' 'socialist schemes' won't become law
Reading this paper’s editorial last Sunday, I was pleased to find the liberal writers actually got something right Read More.
The problem with Joe
As Joe Biden begins his third run for president, he is taking a tour to apologize for all the wrong things Read More.
DOJ pushes back at Dem gloating over Mueller report deal: ‘This isn’t a blank check’
Justice Department officials are pushing back on the suggestion that a recently struck deal with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler will give Democrats unfettered access to documents pertaining to former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe Read More.
Trump says he's received new letter from Kim Jong Un
President Trump said Tuesday he received a “beautiful” letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un amid their apparent impasse on nuclear talks Read More.
Nation's largest doctor group rejects 'Medicare for all'
The nation's largest doctor group narrowly defeated a measure Tuesday that would have ended their opposition to proposals that would allow the government to fully finance the U.S. healthcare system Read More.
GOP to force showdown on Trump border crisis funding bill
Fresh off President Trump’s new border deal with Mexico, Senate Republicans plan to push the issue to the halls of Congress, saying it’s time for Democrats to agree to pass Mr. Trump’s $4.5 billion emergency spending request to help care for the record surge of illegal immigrants Read More.
Joe Biden Is Convinced a Pro-China-Trade Stance Is a Winner
“Trump’s erratic and impulsive approach to China is causing families economic pain,” Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s deputy campaign manager, told Politico. “Joe Biden would rally our friends and allies to hold China accountable.” Read More.
Supreme Court rejects challenges to gun silencer law
The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a pair of cases challenging a federal law requiring the registration of gun silencers Read More.
Socialism Will Always Destroy Democracy
Contra Bernie Sanders, the two ideas cannot co-exist and never will Read More.
A Win at the Border
President Trump evidently knows something about the art of the tariff threat. His unorthodox Twitter diplomacy has gotten Mexico to make potentially important public commitments on immigration enforcement Read More.
Don’t Minimize Conservative Concerns About Big Tech Censorship
To assert with such confidence that 'most red Americans either don’t know or don’t care about social-media censorship' seems very unwise indeed Read More.
Desperate Joe: Biden Is Trying Really Hard to Get Obama’s Endorsement...Too Hard
Former President Barack Obama doesn't have any plans to endorse a candidate in the Democrat primary, making things awkward for his former Vice President Joe Biden Read More.
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