Abortion Advocates Are Losing. Don’t Give Them A Lifeline
Alabama's law protecting the unborn might be philosophically defensible, but it's politically counterproductive Read More.
Trump pitches his 'merit-based' immigration proposal
President Donald Trump on Thursday formally rolled out his proposal to overhaul the country's approach to immigration, saying the U.S. must prioritize younger and highly educated immigrants to "contribute more to our social safety net" and "restore the integrity of our broken asylum system." Read More.
Trump Tells Pentagon Chief He Does Not Want War With Iran
President Trump has told his acting defense secretary, Patrick Shanahan, that he does not want to go to war with Iran, according to several administration officials, in a message to his hawkish aides that an intensifying American pressure campaign against the clerical-led government in Tehran must not escalate into open conflict Read More.
Huawei ban clouds U.S.-China trade talks, tech sector
A U.S. bid to block China’s Huawei Technologies from buying vital American technology threw into question prospects for sales at some of the largest tech companies and drew a sharp rebuke from Beijing, which said the move could hurt trade talks Read More.
2020: The Year of the Women -- for Trump
Here’s the little secret the mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about — women support President Trump Read More.
Pro-Lifers Have Momentum, But They Need to Move Gradually
Banning all abortions is the ultimate goal. But demanding too much too soon would cause a backlash Read More.
U.S. Orders American Civilians to Leave Iraq amid Iran Tensions
The State Department on Wednesday ordered all non-critical government employees to leave Iraq and warned American citizens not to travel to the country over fears that growing tensions between the Trump administration and neighboring Iran could spark a conflict endangering them Read More.
Handicapping the trade war
President Trump’s tariffs on China may well take a toll on the US economy, but the price of not confronting Beijing would be higher Read More.
Don't Let Zuckerberg Kill Free Speech
This week, representatives from Facebook, Google and Twitter will join with European leaders and the prime minister of New Zealand to launch a chilling proposal to curb free speech across the internet. Americans should be alarmed. Internet freedom is being extinguished fast in Europe. How long will it survive in the U.S.? Read More.
Sanders gets assist from Ocasio-Cortez against Biden
Bernie Sanders is using Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) as a new weapon against Joe Biden in the fight for the Democratic presidential nomination Read More.
The truth comes out: Rod Rosenstein tells us what he really thinks of James Comey
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has always been a Janus-faced swamp thing, and as a good swamp thing, he's a realist with regard to recognizing power shifts Read More.
Reminder: Trump, Not Bolton, is the President
Why is the commander-in-chief suddenly forced to restrain his own national security advisor from aggressive impulses? Read More.
The U.S. Doesn’t Need China to Prosper
The latest numbers on U.S. economic growth are astonishingly good. The land of the free enjoyed 3.2 percent annual real GDP growth for the first quarter of 2019. It would have been even higher—3.5 percent—without the government shutdown Read More.
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