Trump fundraising juggernaut on cusp of selling 1 millionth MAGA hat as it girds for campaign
President Trump’s reelection campaign soon will hit a milestone for swag: the sale of the 1 millionth iconic MAGA hat Read More.
That Time Joe Biden Condemned Amnesty, Said Immigrants Should Learn English
Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden argued more than a decade ago against amnesty for illegal immigrants and maintained that anyone who migrates to the United States should learn English Read More.
Bernie Sanders' latest socialist pipe dream -- Taxpayers pay for millions of new ‘affordable’ homes!
Presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is once again proving that it’s easy to be a democratic socialist. All you have to do is make wildly unrealistic promises and blame rich people for the world’s problems Read More.
Just as Biden soars past other 2020 candidates, unearthed 'negro' speech threatens to shut him down
Former Vice President Joe Biden has accumulated a lead in the 2020 Democrat polls sufficient to officially qualify for frontrunner status. This is pretty impressive when you consider the amount of baggage he had to drag along in order to get himself there. Read More.
Illegal aliens get minimum sentences for murdering couple, violating 12-year-old
Two illegal aliens received prison sentences of 12 to 2o years, one for killing a young couple in a sanctuary city and another for raping a 12-year-old girl. Read More.
Stacey Abrams wasn't elected governor due to 'racism' in America, according to a Democrat
Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Seth Moulton (MA) said during a CNN town hall event on Sunday night that Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams lost her gubernatorial race in 2018 because America was racist. Read More.
Perpetually Outraged, Celebrities Boycott Georgia, Remain Silent on China
While Hollywood boycotts Georgia, its cozy relationship with China fails to stoke the outrage of our perpetually outraged celebrity class. Read More.
Trump, First Lady meet with queen at Buckingham Palace
President Donald Trump met with Queen Elizabeth II Monday during a three-day visit to Britain meant to strengthen ties between the two nations, although the trip was immediately at risk of being overshadowed by Brexit turmoil and Trump’s feud with London’s mayor. Read More.
The impeachment pipe dream
Nancy Pelosi has the hardest job in town, perhaps except for the president’s. She knows removing Donald Trump from office is probably impossible, but a growing number of Democrats in the House are itching to try. How can the speaker please both the grown-ups and the fantasists in her caucus, and at the same time? Read More.
Trump's 2020 plan to target black, Hispanic and suburban female voters
Trump campaign officials have been discussing a digital campaign to boost President Trump’s 2020 support among three key demographic groups: African Americans, Hispanics and suburban women, two sources familiar with the plan tell Axios Read More.
Where is the media's explanation for Avenatti?
Infamous attorney Michael Avenatti, who is on the brink of being disbarred, is in federal court this week facing a number of serious charges ranging from theft, tax fraud, extortion and more. Read More.
Pelosi Demanded Better Trade Deals -- But Ignores USMCA
Better trade deals and an equal playing field for American workers was a bipartisan issue that helped propel Donald J. Trump to victory in 2016. Americans from both parties recognized the failures of job-killing trade agreements like NAFTA and opposed the poorly negotiated Trans-Pacific Partnership Read More.
Democrats worry Bernie Sanders could play spoiler
Democrats are worried that if he doesn’t win the party’s presidential nomination himself, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will be a thorn in the side of the Democratic nominee for president — especially if it’s former Vice President Joe Biden Read More.
Mueller departs with warning: Don’t forget Russia’s election meddling
Congress has been divided over how to address weaknesses in U.S. election system Read More.
If China Is Trying To Wait Trump Out On A Trade Deal, It Could Cost Them
Beijing has major risks to bear, too, if the trade squabble drags on for too long. Here's why it would be in Xi's best interest to reconcile with Trump Read More.
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