Trump: Pelosi Hopes to Use 25th Amendment to Replace Joe Biden with Kamala Harris
President Donald Trump told conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh on Friday that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi hopes to use the 25th Amendment to get rid of Joe Biden if he wins the election and replace him with his running mate, Kamala Harris. Read More.
The “Stimulus” Myth Hides The Approaching Worldwide Political & Economic Disaster
Print more money! ... Stimulate the economy! ... These are the bankrupt ideas that dominate a bankrupt Washington D.C. They are acts of desperation to try to fend off the inevitable economic disaster that central bankers and politicians have set into motion over the last 100 years. Read More.
Undecided voters pan Harris' 'condescending reactions' as both sides claim win in VP debate
"I might get #cancelled for this, but my undecided focus group doesn't like how Kamala Harris interacts with her opponent. We saw this in the Dem debates – she is applauded for her knowledge, but they just don't like her 'condescending reactions.' #VPDebate" — Pollster Frank Luntz Read More.
Pelosi Floats Invoking 25th Amendment to Remove Trump for Health Reasons
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday expressed doubts about President Trump’s health after his coronavirus diagnosis and announced that over the next day she will be discussing the constitutional measure that allows the vice president to take over if the president becomes incapacitated. Read More.
Rigging The Election: Can They Unilaterally Cancel Presidential Debates?
The Commission on Presidential Debates unilaterally - they claim - decided that there can be no more presidential debates in person so the next one must be "virtual." The Trump camp cried "foul," claiming that precautions can be taken to make it "safe." Is a unilateral cancellation of a presidential debate in the heat of an election a form of rigging the vote? Read More.
Grand Jury indicts McCloskeys, St. Louis couple who defended home amid demonstrations
A McCloskey attorney said he's yet to see the indictment or get his phone call returned from the circuit attorney. Read More.
Lock Her Up? New Declassified Documents Tie Hillary To 'Russiagate' Plot
Yesterday's declassification of then-CIA Director John Brennan's hand-written notes on Hillary Clinton's alleged invention of a Trump-Russia scandal to distract from her own private email server scandal is an explosive development in the four year "Russiagate" scandal. So why is the mainstream media, which obsessed over "Russiagate" for four years, suddenly silent? Read More.
The President Heroically Said The Words That Tortured Americans Have Been Waiting To Hear
Fear is the lifeblood of power.Turn on the approved media and your senses will be bombarded with nothing but fear. Like a stream that eats away at a mountain, the stream of authorized "news" is meant to eat away at your resistance to political power. Read More.
White House Physician: President Donald Trump Reports No COVID-19 Symptoms
White House physician Dr. Sean Conley said Tuesday that the president was reporting no symptoms after returning home on Monday night after receiving treatment for the coronavirus. Read More.
Trump: 'Don't Let Covid Dominate Your Life!'
President Trump returned to the White House from a weekend stay in the hospital after experiencing Covid symptoms. In a dramatic moment, before entering the building he took off his mask and told Americans to stop being so afraid of Covid that it dominates your life. The president's detractors - and virtually the entire mainstream media - had their heads explode. Has the President finally seen through the political manipulation of the Covid public health crisis? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogl [...] Read More.
Trump and Biden Squabble While America Burns
​President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden spent most of last week’s first Presidential debate trading insults and interrupting each other. The result was a debate with very little discussion of actual issues or policies.In one of the evening’s few substantive exchanges, President Trump rightly criticized Vice President Biden for saying he would listen to the “scientists” in determining whether to lock down the country. Read More.
Mark Levin says Facebook is censoring his content
It's "clear Facebook is pushing a leftwing agenda," the fiery conservative radio talker posted this morning on the social media platform. Read More.
Fauci: 'Hunker Down Again!' Top Scientists: 'No Way!'
As Fauci warns Americans that they need to 'hunker down' again to avoid viruses, a group of top scientists and epidemiologists have released a detailed plan to get over the covid crisis while actually preserving lives. Read More.
The Absurdity of Covid "Cases"
Today's headlines announced Donald and Melania Trump "tested positive" for covid-19. Another claims nineteen thousand Amazon workers "got" covid-19 on the job. Both of these pseudostories are sure to ignite another absurd media frenzy. As always, the story keeps changing: Remember ventilators, flatten the curve, the next two weeks are crucial, etc.? Remember Nancy Pelosi in Chinatown back in February, urging everyone to visit? Read More.
Judge rules Los Angeles must pay $150K to the NRA after violating group's First Amendment rights
A federal judge ruled this week that city officials in Los Angeles must pay the National Rifle Association a six-figure settlement after violating the gun-rights group's First Amendment rights. Read More.
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