Trump: African Americans won’t be able to vote for Biden over crime bill
President Trump wrapped up his four-day trip to Japan, and quickly turned his attention back to domestic politics — ripping Joe Biden for backing a tough 1994 crime bill that was prompted by the crack epidemic and other violence Read More.
Trump downplays North Korean missile threat
In an apparent contradiction of his national security adviser, President Donald Trump on Sunday downplayed recent North Korean missile tests, tweeting from Tokyo that they're not a concern for him in comments sure to unnerve Japanese leaders Read More.
Trump signing memorandum requiring immigrant sponsors to pay for social services
President Trump is signing a memorandum Thursday that will enforce a 23-year-old provision requiring sponsors of legal immigrants in the U.S. to reimburse the government for any social services such as Medicaid or welfare used by the immigrant, Fox News has learned Read More.
Will Democrats choose to impeach or invest?
Negotiations over a potential $2 trillion infrastructure Opens a New Window. plan between Democratic leadership and President Trump crumbled on Wednesday amid attacks from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Read More.
Trump offers $16 billion in aid for farmers hurt by trade war with China
The Agriculture Department said Thursday it will provide $16 billion in assistance to farmers to help offset their losses triggered by the ongoing trade conflict with China and other countries Read More.
Justice lawyers say House can't sue Trump over emergency declaration for wall
Department of Justice lawyers argued in a D.C. court Thursday that the House doesn’t have the ability to sue the administration as they sought to block Democrats’ lawsuit challenging President Trump’s ability to use military funds to build a border wall under his national emergency declaration Read More.
Ralph Northam Thinks Voters Are A Bunch Of Gullible Fools
At this point, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam should be chased from office for continuing to treat voters like they’re a bunch of credulous idiots Read More.
Vulnerable Democrats split as impeachment pressure mounts
The rift demonstrates the near-impossible balance for Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her allies as they try to keep focus on their legislative agenda Read More.
Hope Hicks, Ann Donaldson the latest ex-Trump officials to get subpoenas
Former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks and Ann Donaldson, the former chief of staff for ex-White House Counsel Don McGahn, were issued subpoenas Tuesday to provide documents and testimony to the House Judiciary Committee for its probe into corruption and obstruction by President Donald Trump and his associates Read More.
Graham urges Trump not to abandon infrastructure talks with Democrats
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Wednesday urged President Trump not to abandon infrastructure talks with congressional Democrats after the president declared he would not work with them until their investigations are over Read More.
Trump demands end to ‘phony investigations’ in fiery Rose Garden statement, after meeting with Dems cut short
President Trump on Wednesday demanded Democrats end what he called their "phony investigations" before he'll negotiate with them on issues like infrastructure, as he delivered a fiery statement from the Rose Garden after cutting a meeting short with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer Read More.
Merit-Based Immigration Reform Is Precisely What America Needs
It's time to acknowledge that the current family reunion system is broken. So a good question for Democrats is: Why would they reject changes to this system? Read More.
The Reckless Saudis Want to Start Another War
Bruce Riedel reports that the Saudi government is agitating for a U.S. attack on Iran, and the crown prince is the leading supporter of a new war: Read More.
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