Pro-Choice: Whose Choice?
The credibility of the “pro-choice” argument relies heavily on the word choice. The mother’s choice. This is presumably why, in the U.K., a court decision to force a mentally handicapped 24-year-old Nigerian immigrant to have an abortion against her will was overturned on appeal Read More.
An Alternative to the Democrats’ Healthcare Plans
As we know, the Preamble to the United States Constitution begins with the line: “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union.” Read More.
Look Out, Democrats: Trump Surges to All-Time High in Latest WaPo/ABC Poll, And That's Not All...
President Trump's job approval rating has jumped to 47 percent in a new poll from the Washington Post and ABC News, his highest-ever mark in the series Read More.
Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein arrested and charged with sex trafficking
Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein has been charged with sex trafficking underage girls in New York and Florida, Fox News has learned Read More.
Joe Biden keeps making things worse for himself
In an especially combative interview Friday with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Joe Biden was hoping to rebound from his dismal debate performance. Instead, he kept making it worse Read More.
How Can Presidential Candidates Be So Silly?
Many Democrats striving to replace Donald Trump are, while execrating him, paying him the sincerest form of flattery: imitation Read More.
Democrats are facing a time of choosing -- and it's not about Trump
The first Democratic presidential debates of the 2020 campaign provided a lot of material to absorb for the media and Beltway-chattering class Read More.
The Folly of Reentering the Iran Nuclear Deal
Democratic presidential candidates are trying to revive a dead deal Read More.
Jobs Report Crushes Expectations...Here's How Trump Says It Would Be Even Better
The day before the Fourth of July, the stock market closed at record highs. On Friday, July 5, it looks like the economic good news simply keeps coming for President Donald J. Trump and the American people as the June jobs reports blew past all expectations Read More.
Joe Biden, yesterday's news
Joe Biden's falling so far so fast that he's groping for relevance with "me'n Barack" statement Read More.
Biden says he would bring back ObamaCare's Individual Mandate
"Yes, I'd bring back the individual mandate," Biden told CNN's Chris Cuomo on Thursday. Read More.
Left Amps Up Justifications For Violence Against Their Political Opponents
The left's new extremism condones assaulting conservatives in public. Antifa's attack on a journalist is yet another example that our norms have changed. Read More.
Yes, the 2020 Dems want to take your health insurance away
Following her performance in last week’s Democratic presidential debates, California Senator Kamala Harris once again tripped up over the issue of health care Read More.
Trump: 2020 Democratic field looks 'somewhat easier' to debate than Clinton
President Trump on Tuesday said the field of Democratic presidential candidates vying for the opportunity to challenge him next year "looks somewhat easier" to debate than his 2016 opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Read More.
House Democrats sue to get Trump tax returns
House Democrats filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday to compel President Trump to comply with a demand for his tax returns, asking a judge to referee the matter Read More.
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