Democrats can delay Mueller hearings, but it won’t help
We have our first big reveal of the highly anticipated Robert Mueller testimony before the House of Representatives. And like so many summer flops, the previews are a lot more interesting than the full show Read More.
Democratic 'Medicare for all' push stands to rescue Trump on healthcare
The Democratic Party is riding to President Trump's rescue on healthcare with talk of repealing Obamacare and eliminating private insurance in favor of a government system that has drawn the skepticism of American voters Read More.
China posts slowest growth in nearly 30 years; Trump says tariffs are having a 'major effect'
China’s economy grew at its slowest rate in almost three decades, officials said Monday, prompting President Trump to claim the upper hand in the U.S.’s trade war with the Asian superpower Read More.
Trump, the GOP, and Conservatives
“Let Reagan be Reagan,” we used to say. We got it from “Let Poland be Poland.” Poland was being dominated by the Soviet Union (no matter what President Ford said, in a colossal foul-up, in that infamous debate). The slogan “Let Poland be Poland” originated in a Polish protest song from the mid 1970s Read More.
Joe Biden's electability is a myth
Despite a lackluster debate performance, former Vice President Joe Biden is still holding on to his lead in the race for the Democratic nomination in large part because Democratic voters see him as the most electable candidate Read More.
Trump asks Supreme Court to OK border wall building
The administration asked the Supreme Court Friday to lift lower court rulings halting President Trump’s border wall emergency, asking to be allowed to begin construction while the case proceeds through those lower courts Read More.
Democrats In Disarray
During the eight years Barack Obama served as President of the United States, the Democratic Party was united Read More.
Donald Trump the Statesman
When Donald Trump took office, his predecessor warned him that North Korea was going to be his biggest international headache Read More.
Socialism, for Lack of a Better Word, Sucks
Socialism is a hot topic these days. Democratic presidential wannabes, including Bernie Sanders, say they’re for it, and recent polls indicate about 40 percent of American young people are too Read More.
Joe Biden’s ‘no’ on 'Medicare-for-all' is a ruse
Former Vice President Joe Biden has reiterated his opposition to any health reform plan that would scrap ObamaCare, including "Medicare-for-all." According to the former vice president, "starting over" on health care would be "a sin." Read More.
To Avoid Global War, Ensure US Energy Dominance
The world is using more, not less energy, with the United States leading this surge Read More.
Why those ICE raids are being announced in advance
Starting Sunday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is expected to resume its previously announced plan to apprehend thousands of illegal immigrants across the country Read More.
Democratic Candidates Are Running a Race of Inauthenticity
An epidemic of false identities, massaged resumes, and warped ancestries has broken out among the current Democratic presidential primary candidates Read More.
New York City’s Dishonest Attempt to Squelch a Gun-Rights Lawsuit
The Supreme Court could clarify the scope of the Second Amendment. The city would rather it didn’t Read More.
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