Douglas V. Gibbs

Douglas V. Gibbs
Douglas V. Gibbs is a Radio Host, Publisher of TableTop News, President of the Constitution Association, Author of books regarding the United States Constitution and various issues we face in today's society, and an Instructor on the United States Constitution.  As host of Constitution Radio on KMET 1490-AM, and Conservative Voice Radio on KMET AM1490, Mr. Gibbs has been recognized as one of the nation's leading authorities on the U.S. Constitution.  Douglas V. Gibbs is a Fox News contributor, and has also been a guest on One America News, and Al Jazeera America, as well as various other smaller television and radio outlets.   Doug is a free lance newspaper columnist for the Daily Sentinel, and The Central Idaho Post, and his articles have appeared on websites like The Free Republic, Drudge Report, Canada Free Press, Flash Point 2016, Before It's News, and The Examiner. He has been featured on the American Family Association's OneNewsNow news portal a number of times. Doug is a member of the California Republican Assembly, "Unite Inland Empire " patriot group coalition, the “American Authors Association”, “The Military Writers Society of America,” and was a member of the now closed “Committee of Concerned Journalists.”  He received the Golden Anchor Award for his patriotic commentary in 2008 on his Political Pistachio website, was a candidate for his local Murrieta City Council in 2010, and received a California State Senate Certificate of Recognition in 2014. Doug is a family man, married 30 years to his high school sweetheart. He is the father of two and has six grandchildren. Doug is a proud United States Navy veteran.
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Compiled Works of Douglas V. Gibbs

I am a firm believer that there is always more than you see on the surface. I also believe that the road to hell is paved with the best of intentions.

The liberal left can’t stand it. They have gotten to the point where their masquerade is unraveling, and they are in a panic to cover it all up

The media, and political messaging artists, know that perception is everything

It has always fascinated me that the liberal left progressives regularly use the Supremacy Clause as an excuse for the unconstitutional control the federal government wields over the States, but when the Supremacy Clause is actually violated, they suddenly ask about States’ Rights and disregard the presence of the Supremacy Clause in the U.S. Constitution

Never mind the Russians. It was Hillary Clinton who was actually trying to sabotage the 2016 Presidential Election, according to a WikiLeaks release.

I am thoroughly enjoying watching Trump make the establishment, the media, and the Never Trump jerks squirm

May 1 is known by some as May Day. A communist, anti-God celebration of the death of freedom and the rise of the tyranny of socialism.

Mr. Trump may be a lot of positive and negative things, but when it comes to the consequences of letting bad people into our country, he has it exactly right

It is clear that the U.S. Government meant to send a message.

Political elites don't respond well to hecklers

Among the trademarks of the presidency of Barack Obama is his willingness to ignore the rule of law, and trample upon the dynamics of the American System.

Roger Sherman was the only one to sign each of the four founding documents of the United States.

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