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New Hampshire | Republican

Constitutional Candidate Tim Baxter is interviewed by Constitutional Rights PAC's Larry Ward

Tim Baxter

Constitutional Rights PAC endorses Tim Baxter for New Hampshire District 1. 

Meet Tim Baxter

(Copied from the Tim Baxter Website)

State Representative Tim Baxter is committed to earning his spot as New Hampshire’s Conservative Fighter in Congress.

As a member of New Hampshire’s Freedom Caucus, Tim took on key fights for freedom in the State House:

In Congress, Tim is ready to continue the fight by:
  • Banning Critical Race Theory that pits America’s youth against one another
  • Holding Dr. Fauci accountable for lying to the American public
  • Stopping vaccine passports to ensure medical freedom
  • Supporting our business owners who have been ravaged by lockdowns
  • Standing firm against the Biden gun grabs and all infringements on our right to bear arms
  • Promoting our New Hampshire Values by standing for the Constitution & our civil liberties
  • Enacting Term Limits to fire corrupt career politicians
  • Protecting our Election Integrity by never accepting anything less than free and fair elections
  • Putting an end to taxpayer-funded lobbying and reckless government spending
New Hampshire has been sending Democrats and weak Republicans to DC for far too long. Our state needs representatives who embody the Live Free or Die spirit.”
Growing up Tim was blessed to have his brother Taylor in his life.

Taylor was born with a rare form of special needs called Williams Syndrome, and today he lives in a wonderful group home — but that home was nearly forced to close down. Tim got involved and helped them stay open.

After rallying support to help prevent the group home from closing, Tim saw how much more need there was in our community. He formed the non-profit Second Chances, to help those struggling with addiction get into treatment. As he continued to get more involved in our community he saw how the career politicians simply ignore us, and to make matters worse, they take away our liberty and freedom all to accumulate power and enrich themselves.

Tim ran for office to fight back against the corrupt political establishment…and that’s what he has done.

Critical Race Theory, Socialism, Defunding the Police, the radical push to take away our God Given Constitutional rights our country is HANGING by a THREAD.

New Hampshire needs a conservative warrior taking the fight to the radical left and it starts by defeating Chris Pappas. But we can’t JUST beat him… we also can’t just send a weak spineless establishment RINO to Washington to replace him.

We need TRUE conservative leadership that is going to save our nation and preserve its place as an example to the rest of the world. We must put America first, China last.

Tim currently represents Seabrook and Hampton Falls in the New Hampshire House.

He founded and operates his business investing in and restoring rental properties throughout New Hampshire.

He enjoys spending time with his family including three siblings, volunteering for political causes, and attending local community events.

“I’m Tim Baxter. I’m a conservative fighter and I’m running for Congress, but I need your help to do it.


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State Representative Tim Baxter is committed to earning his spot as New Hampshire’s Conservative Fighter in Congress.

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