Why Christian Never Trumpers are Wrong

  • 12/22/2019 12:00 AM
  • Larry Ward
As a Christian Trump Supporter,  I feel it is necessary to comment on the Christianity Today article calling for Trump's removal and the Never Trump Christians  blind hypocrisy. 

First, let's be honest the Democrats impeachment effort was weak and disasterous, and did not rise to the level of the constitutional requirements for impeachment, nor did it convince anyone that already did not want Trump removed at any cost, including the CT editorial staff. 

The Never Trump Christians piously preach to Christian Pro-Trumpers about how they see our support of Trump and how they believe because we support and defend him, that we must be in a "Trump Cult" and view him as our "Dear Leader"...Nothing is further from the truth.

Pro Trump Christians see a flawed man in Trump, but like his fight and many of his policies. Pro-Trump Christians view attacks on President Trump as attacks on themselves. 

In fact, it is the Never Trump Christians who exalt the Presidency to savior status.

Never Trump Christians view the Presidency as some High Ordained office to be worship and see Trump as not worthy of the "Holy Office". They worship the office or the ideal of the Presidency (and are blind to it.) The Presidency was intended to be a job, filled by the will of the people. Nothing more, nothing less...It is not a throne, yet they treat it like one. 

Trump IS worthy of the Presidency by the fact he was elected by the will of the people. The Never Trump Christians are misled because they can not see the flawed, quite hypocritical argument. They believe Pro-Trump Christians worship him. They conflate defense and political solidarity with worship.  And, they mistake defense of constitutional principles with defense of the man. Even opponents of Trump the man should be opposing efforts to topple Trump the president through unconstitutional means.

The hypocrites of the Never Trump Christian movement worship the idea of the Presidency...which should be admired, never worshipped. Just like the president, the presidency as is flawed.

The only government system and head of government  that should be worshipped is the one Jesus establishes on earth when he returns for his 1,000 year reign. And Yeshua is the only one worthy of that office.
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