We Only Get One Body & One Life --- "NO" To Vaccine Passports!

Government constantly looks for openings to expand its power. Because government consists of people, these people will tend to follow the path of least resistance. When looking to expand their powers, politicians will act when they believe they can get away with it.

If they see strong enough resistance, they will back off. 

Government power is wielded by the tiniest minority of people against the vast majority. The victims of government power far outnumber those who capitalize on it. So politicians (and their special interest cronies) constantly keep their fingers in the wind to see where the opportunity to expand power exists.

The tyrannical idea of a national vaccine passport has been floated recently, perhaps in order to see if there is enough resistance to it. This article is not intended to list the countless ways in which vaccine passports are an atrocious idea. It should be obvious to anyone who wasn't born yesterday.

Plus, to the delight of this writer, there are many people who are speaking out against this idea already; and they have logically explained the horrors of what lie ahead should this anti-American, anti-freedom idea be implemented.

The goal of this article is to encourage those who have remained silent to boldly speak out. This is not an issue that deserves silence, apathy or laziness. 

This isn't like the ridiculous push to force people to use paper straws that fall apart in your drink instead of the (far superior) plastic straws. One can see why people, who already have enough to worry about, will just let the paper straws go and get on with their lives. They're not going to get out their bullhorns over such things.

And as much as Americans are taxed into oblivion, this isn't even like another tax increase. You can always make more money. Money is replaceable.

But your body and your life is not replaceable.

This is it. There are no dress rehearsals. This isn't a scrimmage game. 

Allow government to forcefully invade your body with an experimental chemical, made by a corporation that has been granted immunity, for a virus with a 99.7% survival rate, and you're handing over the keys to your bodily kingdom.

Open this door and you can count on the forced injections to keep on coming.

Now, you may want the Covid vaccine. Fine. That's your own personal decision. But what if you don't want the next injection that government wants to strong-arm into you?

The Covid vaccine may not make you ill. But what if the next vaccine does? And your only choice is to get it, or you become a second class citizen; an outcast in your own nation.

You should know what happens by now when you open the door to politicians and their corporate friends. How long have the wars in the Middle East gone on now? Two decades? Long enough for people to start calling them "endless wars."

What happened when government was granted "15 days to stop the spread"? Unprecedented tyranny!

So if the door is opened for "vaccine passports," the injections will most certainly continue. We'll have endless wars AND endless injections.

Resistance to this is a must.

Speak out: Tweets, Facebook posts, videos, blogs, texts, articles, podcasts. Whatever suits you best.

The power-hungry pay attention. They see the metrics. They have the algorithms to measure sentiment. Let them look at this issue and be struck with the words "NO to vaccine passports!" 

If they see that the resistance is strong enough, they will be forced back off. They will only push through if they believe they can get away with it.

Don't let them get away with this one.

covid vaccine passport by Marco Verch is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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