Victor Davis Hanson on the Middle Class

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

The United States of America is on the verge of becoming the Honduras of the north.

And it is all because of the radical left’s ruthless, reckless war on the Middle Class –

Which is superbly summed up in the short, stark video interview embedded above with the always erudite and invariably insightful Victor Davis Hansen. 

Please understand that I make the Honduras-America analogy out of both a profound sense of deep sorrow…

And firsthand knowledge of what I speak.

As many of you know, I lived for quite some time in Honduras. My wife was born and raised there in abject poverty, the likes of which few Americans can even imagine. And I still have a home in that beautiful, yet beleaguered, country. 

So, when I say that Honduras wallows in the depths of an Orwellian tragedy, it is because I have seen with my own sorrowful eyes what is missing from that tragic country, which, by all rights could – and should – be both fabulously wealthy and a citadel of freedom.

And what is missing is the Middle Class. 

It is missing because those in power have for decades on end deliberately eradicated it. 

And all that is now left are the predators and the prey…

The depraved and the derived. 

In short, Honduras already is what the radical left would have America become. 

And the Hanson video above puts it all into perspective for you. 

As you watch the video, you will understand better than ever why your Constitutional Rights PAC is leading the fight to protect and defend America’s Middle Class –

And why your continued support is so very vitally important!

Thank you for all that you do.

Victor Davis Hanson - Middle Class by John Anderson is licensed under

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