United We Stand

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

As you already know by now, your Constitutional Rights PAC does not take an official position on the war in Ukraine. 

I know from messages I receive from Constitutional Rights PAC Patriots that our community is widely divided. 

Which is both understandable and healthy. 

So, we don’t censor – and we don’t cancel.

We’ll leave that to the woke liberals.

But, your Constitutional Rights PAC does want you always to have an honest, dispassionate, and fully informed non-Fake News analysis of what’s really happening on the war front –

And what it portends for all of those directly involved, as well as for the American people.

And that’s why I urge you to take just about five minutes or so to read the expert opinion here by the always reliable Jim Rickards. 

Jim is invariably knowledgeable and trustworthy – as is the publicatiion for which he writes, the Daily Reckoning. 

I think regardless of which side (if either) you support in the tragic Unkrainian war, you will be glad you considered his informed opinion.

Blessings, my friend.

Statue of Liberty by Brandon Mowinkel is licensed under unsplash.com
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