Tyranny Failed To "Stop The Spread"

Throughout history, a major temptation that people routinely succumb to is the belief that the concentration of power can solve individual problems.

Here we are, 7 billion exquisitely unique and one-of-a-kind individuals populating the Earth. Yet, even with this stark reality, it's still so easy to get bamboozled into believing that there are one-size-fits-all diktats that should be imposed on everyone by the state!

In a world of uniqueness, solutions are sought from forced uniformity, and coerced conformity.

Why? Why would people jump at an idea that can do nothing but fail?

Why would anyone accept that "experts," who are flawed human beings like everyone else, could possibly tell everyone in the world what to do?

It's easy to see why "experts" would find such a setup to be attractive, but why would anyone else?

This writer doesn't know the answer. I chalk it up as one of the many mysteries of life. 

For whatever reason, and there may be many reasons, people are repeatedly swindled into believing that tyranny is in their interest, and that attempting to impose mass conformity will make them (and everyone else) happy.

Of course, reality always asserts itself. The exact opposite ends up happening --- mass misery --- every single time; without exception. 

No institution on the planet has a worse history at creating mass human misery than government. No other institution, or group of people, can even play on the same field.

The state is the king at creating corpses.

This is because the state is a sword. 

This sword better have some very well-defined limitations that people expect and will hold their rulers to. Otherwise, the sword is up for grabs. And when the sword is up for grabs, it can be used for any purpose whatsoever --- like fighting a virus (!?).

If the sword is up for grabs, then some very undesirable people will be as ruthless as they need to be in order to hold it in their hands.

As flawed as America's Founders were, they at least did an admirable job in defining what the sword can be used for. 

The U.S. Constitution says, in essence, 'the federal government can do these listed things.' If something wasn't listed in the Constitution, it means the issue is left to the states, and to the people.

Then there's the Bill of Rights which says, in essence, 'when the federal government does the things that it's permitted to do in the Constitution, it may NOT do any of these things...' 

In other words, in doing what the government is permitted to do, it cannot abridge free speech while doing so. It cannot take away our right to defend ourselves, and so on.

So the Founders tried to make it so the sword cannot just end up being used willy-nilly by a group of special interests who happen to have superior lobbying skills.

But alas, 200+ years of shredding up the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights has led us to a very dark place: an unprecedented two years of medical tyranny!

If it's acceptable that the government can do whatever it can get away with, various tyrants will jockey for position. The pendulum just happened to stop on medical tyranny this time around.

As a result, hundreds of millions of Americans were shocked to see their government morph into something like the governments depicted in old WWII movies. Even "show your papers" made a reappearance!

And now we're finding out, day-by-day, that all the tyrannical actions were for naught. They did nothing but create mass human misery!

The masks ... the anti-social distancing ... the plastic dividers ... the "stand here" stickers on the floors ... the vaccines ... the job losses for refusing to take the vaccines ... 

All of it...for naught!

Tyranny failed to stop the spread.

It was never the role of government to do any of this. That's not what the sword is for!

Plead for the government to do something that it cannot possibly do, and guess what? 

It won't do it!

Looking back has its benefits. It's how we learn; and this time period will be looked back upon for the rest of our lives, and even longer for sure. 

But a way forward is more important for those who desire to live the lives that God created them to live. That way forward must be pursued by getting back to first principles. It means getting out of fantasyland and back to reality.

Since we're all unique, the idea of "one-size-fits-all," imposed by the sword, should be treated as an absolute joke. Such an idea should be relegated to the fringe (at best).

Since "one-size-fits-all" needs to go into the dustbin of history, so too should the idea of "rule by experts."

​If people are so impressed by themselves, let them live out their fantasies in the metaverse. No more "rule by experts" in the real world. The colossal damage has now been done.

The role of government must (once again) be reconsidered. The sword must be placed back in its holster. The idea that the sword is supposed to make everyone healthy, or wealthy, or educated (along with the thousands of other things that are expected of it) must be discarded.

While the medical tyranny is falling apart each day, the collapse of the "rule by financial experts" is still ahead of us. When that occurs, the government will be shown to be broker than broke, and people will have no choice but to look elsewhere for solutions to their problems.

But there's no need to wait for the Fed's fiat house-of-cards to fall.

Now is the time to start getting one's own house in order and to stop looking at the government to be the savior that it can never be. 

Now is the time to look to the smaller. When you see the word "World" followed by some name, it's best to look elsewhere. Those people have the real world all wrong. This world is not their world to "run."

Now is the time to master our own worlds; to master our own domains.

Now is the time for Liberty.
Covid 19 by Brian McGowan is licensed under unsplash.com

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