Twitter Cannot Be Saved. It’s Time For Free Speech Proponents To Let It Die

I had high hopes for Twitter under Elon Musk’s watch. After all, how could the tech giant get any worse after banning the New York Post, which was founded by Alexander Hamilton himself, for the crime of reporting on possible corruption of the family of a leading presidential candidate in the middle of a close election?

We now have an answer: by banning conservative Christians for reporting on the horrific mass shooting perpetrated by an apparent “trans” person who hated conservative Christians so much she stormed a Christian school in Nashville, opened fire, and murdered three 9-year-old children and three adult staff.

What happened in Nashville was not just another story on the news. We’ve worshipped at Covenant Presbyterian. Dear friends of ours work there, and children we’ve known and loved for years attend school there. We wept throughout the day on Monday, desperately praying and waiting for news of our friends. And when the dust cleared, and facts began to emerge about the demonic evil that was visited upon that school on Monday, we reported the facts about what happened.

One of those facts was that the shooting came just days ahead of a planned “Trans Day of Vengeance,” an event planned by an outfit called the Trans Radical Activist Network.

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