Trump fundraising juggernaut on cusp of selling 1 millionth MAGA hat as it girds for campaign

President Trump’s reelection campaign soon will hit a milestone for swag: the sale of the 1 millionth iconic MAGA hat.

While peddling $25 ball caps on the internet alone doesn’t win an election, the merchandising benchmark is one indication of Mr. Trump’s huge head start over a Democratic field of two dozen major candidates competing against one another for money and volunteers.

From its headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, Mr. Trump’s reelection team is kicking into high gear, collecting data on millions of voters, dispatching foot soldiers to battleground states and staffing the Beltway nerve center with sweeping views of the “swamp” Mr. Trump vowed to drain.

The president’s campaign says its digital operation and deep pockets give it a powerful advantage over his eventual rival, whether the Democratic nominee is former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, an ambitious senator or a well-spoken mayor from Indiana.

“That person is going to get beat up from the primary. They will be broke because it will take every penny they’ve got to get there. They won’t have a national operation to flip a switch on and get moving,” said Tim Murtaugh, the Trump campaign’s director of communications.
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