The Police State and Moral Relativism

  • 05/23/2016 12:00 AM
  • Nelson Hultberg
An insidious police state is stealing over America today. We as a country have become like a freezing man slipping off to sleep in a blizzard, incapable of recognizing the demise of the liberty and honor on which we were formed. Our liberal-neocon intelligentsia are responsible for this. Their perfidy is comprised of five elements:

1) Collectivist ideologues in the schools teaching moral relativism.
2) Hubristic politicians and bureaucrats in Washington ignoring basic rights.
3) Government monopolization of the banking system that debases the currency.
4) Increasing militarization of federal, state, and local police.
5) A media that plays the role of lap dogs for statism.

These five elements almost always close ranks to support each other. They are of one mind – that capitalism (i.e., freedom) is dangerous. Leaving people alone is dangerous. The marketplace is dangerous. Thus society must be regimented from the top down via ever-increasing “arbitrary law” and “police state controls.”

This process begins in the child’s youth. We have been forming amoral, collectivist minds in our schools ever since the 1920s and John Dewey. As a result, all five of the above elements today (schools, Congress, banks, police, and the media) are comprised of “highly amoral” human beings. This means they have been taught that there is no way to rationally and objectively discern right from wrong with certainty for humans in socio-cultural interaction and in the political vision that is to lead us. In other words, our schools have instilled into our youth for the past century the doctrine of moral relativism.

Discerning Right from Wrong

But if there is no way to discern right from wrong “rationally” and “objectively” with certainty in life, how then are we as humans to decide how to act? What guides are we to turn to in handling the big issues of life such as laws to pass, business decisions to make, wars to fight, causes to join, love to pursue, youth to motivate, etc? Human nature is such that devoid of a grounding in objective moral truths that are certain, we as humans will act instinctively, i.e., in the way our animalistic natures dictate.

Such a philosophical outlook (which our Deweyite school system has been teaching since the 1920s) leads men not to high-minded enlightenment as its advocates predicted, but back to their barbaric beginnings. It shapes them into lower-form amoral creatures by the time they become adults to go out into the world, which really means they are shaped into, dare one say it, animalistic creatures. The nature of an animal is that it is devoid of the capacity for moral judgment.

We see examples around us everywhere of this descent into “primitive instinctive behavior.” Large swaths of society are now sub-human because of the philosophical teaching of moral relativism. In other words, much of human action is now considered outside the realm of morality, neither good nor evil, as merely “personal preference,” or the “necessary pragmatism” to get things done. As a result, many modern men and women no longer strive to “do the right thing” as Albert Jay Nock wrote about in the early 20th century. Instead they live by their instincts, i.e., their animal natures.

If you think this is hyperbole, how do you explain the swamp of oblivious greed that Wall Street has become? The ruthless power lust that Washington and Congress spin on? The septic sensationalism of Hollywood? The wholesale debasement of culture by our literati? The treasonous sell-out of national sovereignty by our corporate moguls? The source of these evils is moral relativism, which leads to the belief that much of human action is morally neutral, i.e., amoralism.

All of society, of course, is not devolving into amoralism. There are still many courageous men and women who strive to “do the right thing” in their lives defined by moral principle. They have had a strong moral and religious upbringing that has withstood the government schools’ relativism. No society collapses morally in unison. But rapacity and decadence grow among us today like Ebola and Malaria grow among Africans because too many humans in Western societies have been taught moral relativism in their formative years. This is what is propelling us into an American police state.

As a Man Thinketh

In 1902, James Allen penned his famous essay, “As a Man Thinketh.” Humans become what they think and believe. And we, as a people, now think the thoughts of corruption as normalcy, the thoughts of tyranny as ideal. We have bought into the sham that because our professors and pundits term themselves “liberal,” this means they are benevolent and humanitarian, and we should adopt their statist advocacies for our lives. In other words, we have been amoralized to coin a term. This is the catastrophic tragedy of liberalism and its creed of moral relativism. It becomes easy to shift human activity into the realm of non-judgmental behavior. Our intelligentsia now scorn moral judgment.

To many modern intellectuals, moral relativism is liberating because it allows one to cavort through life immersed in irresponsibility. But in the long run, moral relativism guarantees tyranny because it allows the authoritarian state to ignore individual rights and squash our freedoms. It allows politicians, bureaucrats, and the police to operate irresponsibly also.

This is the nefarious disease that collectivist liberals are infecting our society with when they pontificate on the need to get away from a strict moral code that applies to everyone. They are stripping the people of their power to condemn their state oppressors and thus to fight passionately against the dictatorial development of modern-day government.

A dictatorship needs the preachments of “moral relativism.” It needs a philosophically confused populace that lacks the self-assurance to morally contest the government’s usurpations. And it gets such a needed confusion from the collectivist ideology being taught in today’s schools, an ideology that promotes moral relativism as the only rational form of ethics.

Herein lies the most lethal danger we face and the most important question we, as a people, must ask. Is it all relative as liberals and collectivists try to tell us? Or are there moral absolutes to guide all mankind as the conservatives insist?

The answer should be obvious. Of course, there are moral absolutes meant for all mankind. Murder is evil for everyone. Theft from innocent people is criminal for humanity. Heroin is always destructive. Love transcends hate. Freedom is superior to slavery. America’s vision of “equal rights” is meant not just for the 19th century, but for all of time. Life is rife with moral absolutes. The purveyors of relativism are as evil as carriers of bubonic plague. As Toynbee showed the world, liberalism is the destroyer of all civilizations, and moral relativism is its pride and joy.

America cannot endure such infamy. Truth is out there. It is to be found, not formed, through our synthesis of reason, experience and intuition as a people. This means logic, history and religion are our guides to the requisites of life and liberty. The Founding Fathers understood this. We in the modern day must also come to understand it.
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