The Global Fertility Industry Seeks To Erase Women From Procreation One Manufactured Egg At A Time

The campaign to erase women has officially escalated to leaving them out of the sacred act of reproduction.

For years, researchers, celebrities, and OB-GYNs have touted making babies outside of the bedroom as a novelty attraction available for anyone willing to pay. Millions of test tube babies and a million more frozen embryos later, the global fertility industry has found a new way to create life without a key natural component: women.

The Economist ran a series of articles in “Technology Quarterly” this month advocating for the expansion of assisted reproductive technology to in vitro gametogenesis (IVG), an experimental procedure that involves reprograming adult male stem cells to become usable eggs.

At least one of the stories acknowledges that outsourcing reproduction through existing technology like in vitro fertilization is “failing most women.” Already, countries, states, and healthcare facilities are grappling with how to handle ethical, moral, and legal crises like commercial surrogates with cancer and gay men who want taxpayers to fund the creation of motherless children.

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