The Folly of Trying To Control The Uncontrollable

The same answer should pop into your mind as you pass each house, "None. Zero. Zilch. Every person in every house controls him or herself."

Now, imagine going into each of the houses, and telling everyone that lives there: "You know, everyone in this house should be eating fake meat."

What kind of reaction do you think you'd get?

What kind of expletives would immediately hit you as you're thrown out of each house?

Who are you to say what anyone else eats?

Now let's think bigger than your neighborhood.

Let's take a plane ride across the pond to Europe.

You find an authentic pub in Germany, walk in and get everyone's attention. You tell everyone: "You know, everyone in here, as well as in the rest of the Germany, should be eating fake meat."

100% fake meat for every German.

No takers.

So you take another long plane ride to Japan, and give them your fake meat pitch too.

Again, no dice.

At which point would you do some self-reflection and ask yourself: "What the heck am I doing here?"

Where do you get the audacity to tell to others what they should be eating?

Well, apparently Bill Gates has the audacity, and his ideas keeps being thrown into our faces by the controlled media. He recently said that rich nations should all be eating 100% fake meat.

Now you may think to yourself, "Why are we even bothering discussing something like this? The chances of this happening are as close to zero as you can get."


But here's the problem. It's in the attempt to implement ridiculous ideas, especially with the force of government, that lots of damage can be done.

Just look at what has been done by governments in response to a virus. They've created unimaginable amounts of heartache that will reverberate for the rest of our lives.

That's where the problem comes in with ridiculous ideas -- the attempt to implement them.

Ideas are a dime-a-dozen.

Everyone can come up with something ridiculous. But when government force acts as the engine for implementation, watch out!

Look at what happened in Communist Russia and Communist China over the last century. Absolutely ridiculous ideas animated those who were in power, and the attempt to implement those ideas ended up with the consequence of hundreds of millions dead.

Yes, the ideas were not even worth discussing in any normal type of conversation. Yes, there was zero chance of them working.

But, even so, unimaginable damage was done. 

This is why even the most ridiculous ideas must be refuted, especially when politicians are involved. They are the cats paws of the powers behind the thrones, i.e., of the people with the big bucks that have an authoritarian desire to use force against others.

Ideas are the key.

The antidote to ridiculous ideas is always the truth. The truth has to be spoken, again and again.

Every individual controls him or herself.

That's the truth.

Every attempt to violate it is ridiculous.
Camera by Travel Sourced is licensed under Unsplash

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