Texas bill would ban filming cops up close

Texas bill would ban filming cops up close
If a Texas state representative gets his way, filming a cop too close would land violators with 180 days of jail-time and a $2,000 fine.

State Representative Jason Villalba, a Republican from Dallas, has filed a bill that grants cops a 25-foot “halo” inside which they cannot be filmed. If the cameraman has a firearm, that “halo” expands to 100 feet. Anyone who breaks the 100-feet law could get sent to jail for an entire year, and fined $4,000.

Journalists would get an exception—if they’re licensed by the FCC. That means online publications (like this one) would not get special treatment.

“I thought that was reasonable, 25 feet,” Villalba told the Dallas Observer. “I measured that out in my office. It didn’t seem to be terribly disruptive. I’m not trying to limit the ability to film. I don’t have any problems with that.”
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