Supreme Court Rejects Request to Block Federal Mask Mandate on Planes

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  • Source: Breitbart
  • 01/18/2022
The Supreme Court on Tuesday formally rejected a request to block the federal mask mandate for air travel.

A father of an autistic child, Michael Seklecki, filed the emergency application, asserting that he and his child are not able to wear a mask. Lucas Wall also joined the lawsuit, claiming that he has been unable to fly because he is medically unable to wear a mask as well. The request, filed to Justice Neil Gorsuch, was denied by the justices with no further comment.

“The application for stay addressed to Justice Gorsuch and referred to the Court is denied,” the order list reads in part.

This decision, however, should not necessarily be seen as reflection of the legal merits of coronavirus mandates, as any non-lawyer can file lawsuit papers against anyone, as it appeared to occur in this very case. Additionally, the case was filed in one of the most liberal courts in the country, further suggesting the Supreme Court’s declining to weigh in should be viewed more as resulting from the lack of legal skill of the individuals taking the issue to court rather than a reflection of the underlying issue itself.
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