Striking GM workers caught between CORRUPT union leadership and risky CEO plans

The United Automobile Workers union (UAW) claims that during the Obama recession, it made certain concessions that helped GM rake in billions in profit, and it wants to claim its piece of the pie. Workers don’t want to pay more for their medical insurance plans, they want temporary workers moved into permanent positions, and they also are seeking wage increases and more U.S.-made product.

Meanwhile, the CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra, is on the cusp of taking GM more fully into electric vehicles based on her belief in the sketchy science of global warming.

While other automakers, namely Toyota, are skeptical of the mass appeal of electrics, GM is going whole hog. On top of that, the strike by UAW members will almost certainly cause labor costs to go up.

A strike is a strike, and typical of the relationship between the Big Three automakers and labor unions, but there are some wrinkles in the UAW strike this time, namely that the UAW has been the target of a corruption probe that just implicated the current and former presidents of the union.
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