Sessions Chases Obama’s Legacy to Canada

Obama’s real legacy was, well, weed. Obama backed the Fed’s off states that wanted to legalize medical or recreational marijuana. Obama’s America was on a path to legalize and profit on the massive marijuana marketplace. That was until Jeff Sessions became Attorney General.

It is no secret that Sessions is no friend of the budding marijuana industry in the United States.

Sessions’ recently released a one-page memo declaring that the Department of Justice (DOJ) would rescind Barack Obama’s Cole Memo which outlined a relaxed set of "rules" for states legalizing marijuana to follow in order to avoid federal interference.

Fearing that Sessions actions opened the door to possible legal action against marijuana businesses operating in states that have legalized it in some capacity, serious investors looked to Canada.

What they found, was a small group of Canadian entrepreneurs taking Obama’s pot smoking, Choom Gang to the bank (OTC:CHOOF CSE:CHOO)

Forget where Obama was born, it is what he did in high school that should that the mainstream media should be reporting on.

See photos of Obama’s secret high school past. 
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