Sen. Lee Blasts Supreme Court, White House for 'Subversion' of Constitution

Sen. Lee Blasts Supreme Court, White House for 'Subversion' of Constitution
The Supreme Court, the White House, and, in some cases Congress, have systematically subverted the Constitution and treated it like a "nuisance," said Sen. Mike Lee.

In his new book, "Our Lost Constitution," the Utah Republican outlines a number of cases in which all three branches of government have undermined the Constitution, in some cases deliberately and in others due to laziness and stupidity, The Washington Examiner reported.

"Many Americans probably assume that our lawmakers understand our founding document and are devoted to defending it," Lee wrote, according to the Examiner which obtained an advance copy. "Unfortunately, that assumption is in many ways incorrect."

He added, "The truth is that our Constitution is being subverted by many of the very people who have solemnly sworn to protect it."

The 256-page book published by the Penguin imprint Sentinel is written as mini-histories about constitutional provisions he feels have been violated along with an explanation of their intent.

"Only about 1 percent of the rules we must live by are enacted by the most accountable branch of government — Congress," Lee wrote, adding that it routinely "ducks and dodges" difficult decisions that require an understanding of the Constitution. The result, he says, is that the government bureaucracy is given the power to decide how laws and regulations are implemented.
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